When I woke up, I couldn’t recall anything.

Apparently, I was the ‘Peerless Saint’, and although I had immense power, it was presently sealed. That barely mattered though…

“…My husband is too awesome…!?”

Before I lost my memory, I was a villain who had abused her power as the strongest saint to cause misdeeds. Oswald, a genius magician, said that we were married solely because he was the only one who could kill me. Thus, he was keeping an eye on me.

“Then, if I were to help you, would you date me, Oswald?”

“Hmm, if you truly could, I’ll hold your hand and we can go on a date—I get it, stay back, don’t hug me!!”

I could no longer use my divine power as the saint and everyone around me despised me. Above all, my newly-married husband loathed me…

I’m such a bad wife. For now, let’s keep the fact that I’ve lost my memory a secret.

As compensation for my past evil deeds, I’d like to help my beloved husband as much as possible.

…But I feel like I can still use divine power that should have been sealed for some reason?

Akugyaku seijodesuga, aisuru dan’na-sama no o yakunitachitaidesu. (To wa ie, kirawa rete iru nodesuga)
I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. (Except, I’m Hated.)

Author: Toko Amekawa 雨川 透子
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n6592hi/
Translator: Antoinette Vanessa

1. That Strange Beautiful Young Man is Apparently my Husband
2. Faced with a Stranger
3. That was the Previous me?
4. I’ll Keep it a Secret from my Husband
5. My “Wife” is Behaving Strangely
6. Something Troublesome for Strangers
7. For it’s an Emotion I Know
8. My Husband Looks Good at Night
9.My Husband’s Offensive Power is Too High!
10. I’ll Love you Every Second of my Life!
11. The Incident Regarding My “Wife” and its Cause
12. My Husband is Also Superbly Considerate!
13. I Discovered a Name I Didn’t Know!
14. Get Ready!
15. That Name Sounds Familiar!
16. I Want to Know More!
17. I’ll Endure This and Live!
18. It Leaves a Massive Impression!
19. A Rainy Day has Come!
20. Was that Vision True!??
21. The Abominable ‘Enemy’ is Right Beside Me
22. My Husband is Also Cool on Outings!
23. My Husband is Really Popular!
24. I’m Glad I Fell in Love with my Husband!
25. What a Strange Situation!
26. Are my Memories Warning me!?
27. I Want to do What I’m Supposed to do!
28. You Have the Power to Heal!?
29. In a Sense, That was the Biggest Crisis!
30. If Said Like This, Would it be Believed!?
31. Learning About Public Perception!
32. I Wish You Well!
33. Ready to Head Out!
34. I’m Going to Heed my Husband’s Instructions!
35. The Result of the Lessons!
36. Pretending to be my Former Self!
37. Meeting my Husband’s Friend!
38.1 My Husband was Also Cute in his Past!
38.2 My Husband was Also Cute in his Past!
39. I’m Worried about my Husband!
40. I’ll Tell my Husband Properly!