I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

3. That was the Previous me?

“I’m sorry…!! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, please forgive me…!! I can’t apologize enough for serving your breakfast late, O mighty saint, Lady Charlotte…!! Please, have mercy…!!”

Charlotte’s eyes went wide.

The intensity of the maid’s fear was extreme. Her fearful gaze was definitely directed at Charlotte.

“…Excuse me…!!”

Screaming so, the maid stormed for the corridor.

“Just now, she seemed truly terrified…”

Charlotte, who was left alone once again, tilted her head.

She recalled what Oswald said earlier, and then what the maid just said.

He had said that if she were to resist, he’d seal her—even if it meant losing his life.

Moreover, just now, the maid was begging for her life merely because she served her breakfast late.

Because I lost my memory, I can’t rely on my perception…

On top of that, she believed that the situation was truly odd.

Somehow, rather than a saint, I was treated like an evil god…

…She was completely treated like a menace.

As I thought, this is really strange?

While thinking that, she looked around. Then, she found a small notebook on the desk by the wall.

A diary? Did I write it before I losing my memories? Jackpot!

Wishfully, Charlotte reached for her diary.

A picture of the moon and stars had been drawn on the candy-colored leather cover. She tried to open it but to no avail.


She tried to pour all her strength into it, but it was as if the book had been permanently stuck together.

“Ngi…! I, it won’t budge…!”

She tried until she ran out of breath, but the book refused to open. Then, an idea flashed within her mind.

Now that it has come to this… I have no choice but to tear it apart…

At that moment, the stubborn diary opened. It was as if the notebook had read Charlotte’s thoughts.

The first page gleamed with a soft, white, radiance.

The light floated softly and projected something in front of Charlotte.

This is…

Charlotte approached the light.

It was like a mirage, but still visible.

Within the projection, ‘Charlotte’ could be seen laughing happily from the bottom of her heart—

—as countless people kneeled before her feet.

“More, more, this isn’t enough! Plead to me…! Swear your allegiance and devote yourselves to me…!”

“Lady Charlotte…! Please, with your mighty power, revive my wife…!!!”

The man, who was kneeling so deep his forehead touched the ground, was desperately screaming.

To that man, ‘Charlotte’ spoke with a haughty tone.

“You said it yourself—you’d do anything. Well, perhaps I will change my mind once your wife’s body rots… Until then, it’s up to you.”

“I, I will absolutely do anything…!! Please lend me your unrivaled power, O Peerless Saint…!!”

“Very well, then…”

‘Charlotte’ proceeded to whisper to the man.

The man’s face immediately paled. Seeing that, ‘Charlotte’ laughed happily.

“Fufu…! Oh my, I’m truly delighted…!”

However, the next moment, the projection transformed.

The scene changed and the surroundings were aflame.

There stood a man facing Charlotte while kneeling on the ground.


The way Oswald eyed ‘Charlotte’—it was as if she was the most abhorrent thing in the world.


His eyes were cold. It sent a shiver down her spine.

Feeling that she was truly hit by a cold breeze, Charlotte blinked.


The projection disappeared.

That was because a faint, cold, air had wrapped around Charlotte’s wrist, the same one holding the diary. Then, in flash—pakin!

There was a loud noise, the air became a fetter of ice.


At the same time, ice began to spread from Charlotte’s feet all the way to the wall.

Whoa, amazing…

The whole room was frozen in no time.

If such technology existed, then summer would be a breeze. While she was impressed with that, light began to gather in front of her.


Charlotte immediately beamed the moment she Oswald appeared.

Even though he said that he doesn’t want to see me again, I was able to see his face in no time at all!

Her heart was excited, she felt as if she could float.

However, Oswald grabbed Charlotte’s hand, which had been restrained by the shackle of ice, and forcibly drawn her towards him.

Then, while glaring at Charlotte with a terribly dark expression, he spoke to her—

“—What are you doing?”


The atmosphere was numbing, and Charlotte could only stare in disbelief.


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