Rintaro Kuriyama, also known as Green, was expelled from the elite Tokyo-affiliated “Victory Sentai Victor Rangers” for engaging in too much dirty work.  Through a misunderstanding, he was brought along to an evil secret society and was warmly welcomed as the heinous mysterious Death Green.

Hailed as the most atrocious and mysterious being in history, he engages in muddy conflict with the corrupt heroes of justice.

Sure-kill technique! Laxatives, bombs, neurotoxins!

An evil mysterious being. Perhaps it’s my calling?

A man who chose not to use the ways of a hero takes on the role of heinous mysterious being “For the sake of protecting my peace.” Together with his cute, sworn, little sister (shark), he bares his fangs towards twisted justice!

A peace-loving dark hero of good and evil!
The strongest and most vile hero, the heinous mysterious Death Green, is born!

極悪怪人デスグリーン ~最凶ヒーロー、悪の組織で大歓迎される~
Gokuaku kaijin desugurīn ~ sai kyō hīrō, akunososhiki de dai kangei sa reru ~
The Heinous Mysterious Death Green ~The Most Sinister Hero, Warmly Welcomed by The Wicked Organization~

Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n5106fj/
Author: 今井三太郎

Translator: Long

Arc 1: The Heinous Mysterious Death Green is Born

1. The Man Called a Felon
2. The Small Pilot
3. Infiltration, Secret Society Ark Dominion
4. Victor Green’s Death
5. The Wandering Bomb
6. Death Green’s Tokyo Bombing Operation
7. Blow Up That Blue Guy
8. The Rising Mysterious Being
9. A Shark in an Aquarium
10. Confrontation, Victor Rangers
11. Men Are All Hard-Boiled
12. Jack the Ripper in Ueno Park
13. The Sword Mountain Mysterious Being, Sword Minas
14. The Dance of Deadly Weapons
15. A Naïve Plan
16. Welcome to the Evil Organization!