A gathering of translated short stories/one shots.

Absolute Happiness☆Heroine (WN)

Spring Storm (WN)

Elizabeth is out of Love (WN)

My Husband Despises me to the Point He Wants to Kill Me (WN)

Hello, I’m Cinderella’s Sister, and I Reluctantly Decided to Marry the Prince (WN)

A Certain Villainess’ School Life (WN)

Competition for the Villainess After Her Engagement Annulment (WN)

I’d Like to Scold the Capture Targets (WN)

After My Son Broke Off His Engagement, His Former Fiancée Proposed to Me (WN)

Because I had too Much Strength, I became an Adventurer’s Bag Carrier (WN)

I’ve Been Reincarnated as this Game’s Villainess, I’ll Train the Main Capture Target to be a Yandere (WN)

The Villainess’ (Attempted) Escape (WN)

This Time, I’ll Definitely Protect my Wife and Daughter! (WN)

Beautiful Muscles. Ten Points. (WN)