I’ve been reincarnated into a romance manga called A Little Bit of Spice. Wait a minute….aren’t I meant to be killed off after bullying the crossdressing heroine?!

The culprit was…no good, I died before reading the final volume! There are tons of people holding grudges against me due to my terrible personality. Let’s see, I’ll start by working out while trying to live in a way people won’t hate me.

But, is this really the same world as the manga? Because I’m not sure what’s going on…

残念系お嬢様の日常; 残念系悪役令嬢は3年後に破滅するようです
Zan’nen-kei ojōsama no nichijō; zan’nen-kei akuyaku reijō wa 3-nen-go ni hametsu suru yōdesu
The Disappointing Lady’s Daily Life

Raw Source: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9373dt/

Author: 丸井とまと
Provider: Rei

Chapters 1-28
29. There is Poison in All Beautiful Flowers
30. The Dull Pain Increased
31. The One Who was Next to Me
32. Secret Talk
33. Every Beautiful Rose has its Thorns
34. Raining Lightly, the Rose Makes Secrets
35. Quiet Talk: Santa Claus at the Mizutanigawa’s
36. She Who Wants to Curse and He Who is Dull
37. An Incident Occurred
38. The Cold and Kind Blue World
39. Achromatic Through the Glass
40. The Title That She Mentioned
41. Dropping The Bomb At The End
42. Snowdrop’s Present
43. The Dumbbells Became Sacrifices
44. On The Third Floor Of The School’s East Building
46. The Ghost Is Being Chased
47. Girl’s Meeting
48.Women Are Courageous
49. Takkun’s Smile Plan
50. It Seems He Has Cute Side Too
51. Just A Request
52. Phantom Thief Maria Great Runaway (?)