The Disappointing Lady’s Daily Life Translation

40. The Title That She Mentioned

After that, I borrowed a change of uniform and went home a bit early. In the afternoon, I was about to read the “First Love Conception” that I borrowed from Sumire, but an unexpected visitor appeared when I took it out from my bag.

She looked like she was about to burst into tears, so I let her into my room. Thinking it would be better if no one else heard the story, she clutched her bag and bowed deeply.

“Maria, I’m so sorry!”

Kinoa raised her voice and apologize while lowering her head. Her shoulders were trembling slightly, I couldn’t take it anymore and softly touched her shoulders.

“Kinoa, raise your head.”
“I…can’t believe that I’m doubting you. Also, I heard that you fell into the pool after that. I’m truly sorry.”

Tears seemed to overflow and large drops fell on the floor,

“Err, well… Don’t cry, okay? I’m fine. See?”

At that time, I thought it was Kinoa who was upstairs, but Hitomi told me that she told her to attend the end-of-term ceremony, so the female student who was there probably was not her. This means, besides us, there was someone else at that place for some reason. Maybe that person was involved with this situation.

“It’s true that falling into the pool was a disaster, but I’m glad to know about that strange rumor spreading around.”

Kinoa raised her face and there were lines of tears on her cheeks. I wiped them with a handkerchief from my pocket. For some reason, I look like a young lady. I tightened my cheeks, which have become a little lively and loose, then frowned.

“Anyway, I wonder who is spreading the false rumor?”
“I don’t know either. I will report to Maria as soon as I know something.”
“Thank you. But, don’t push yourself, okay?”

Although my acquaintances in middle-school are related to the Flower Princesses, this time the false rumor spread amongst the people who are not related to the Flower Princesses, so I’m grateful that I can get the information from Kinoa.

I wonder, who is spreading these false rumors and for what purpose?

“By the way, are you close with Asami?”
“We are in the same class so sometimes we talk.”

I’m not sure whether I can call her a friend or not. I know about her secret, and sometimes we spend time after school together with Sumire and the others, but we don’t talk alone that much.

Moreover, I want to answer that she is one of my friends, but I don’t know what Asami thinks about me.

“Umm, Asami is a special student, right?”

Perhaps, from Kinoa’s perspective, the previous Maria would despise Asami who is a commoner, so it’s surprising that I don’t hate her because the rumor is false. I think that is a terrible thing on its own, but I cannot say anything because if it was the previous Maria, then it would certainly be the case.

“He is a kind person.”
“I see. Somehow, Maria has changed.”

I smiled faintly at Kinoa, who mumbled to me with a puzzled look.

I can’t explain the reason why I have changed. She would think I’m crazy if I told her. But, it’s a good thing to be told that I have changed. If I remained the same as the old Maria, then I would surely have walked on the path of the original story, and even though an incident happened this time, not everything was the same as the original story. I’m sure I can change the future depending on my actions.

“Ah… Looks like there is a phone call”

When I turned my gaze in the direction of Kinoa’s pointing finger, I noticed my cell phone vibrating on the bed. The moment I confirmed the name on the receiver is “Hitomi”, my heart jumped and I sweated unpleasantly on my forehead.

“Is it alright not to answer it?”
“I will call back later.”

I tried to smile like usual so as not to arouse Kinoa’s suspicion.

It’s bad if I answer now. I didn’t expect someone to call me at this time, it’s bad for my heart. But, I’m grateful to my past-self for saving the number it as “Hitomi.”

“Oh… So you have it too.”
“Eh? ah, you mean the First Love Conception? Sumire lent it to me.”
“It seems to be popular now.”

It seems to be popular not only in high-school but also in middle-school. I’m sure it’s partly because of Sumire’s effect.

In addition, the literary club, which is usually not known to the public, has suddenly attracted attention and seems like many people want to read their past works too. Sumire and Asami said that because First Love Conception is a collection of short stories written by several people with a specific theme, when someone becomes their fan, then it makes them want to read that person’s past work as well.

“Maria, have you read it yet?”
“Not yet. I’m planning to read it now.”
“I see. I liked The Guilty Messiah and Moonlight Girl.”

Kinoa looked up and smiled in reminiscence, it seemed like she had already read it. The titles she mentioned included one that I was interested in, so I will start with that one. There is another reason why I was curious about it, but if it was interesting, then I’m looking forward to it.

“Maria, do you know about Rekenaurtia?”

What did she say? Kinoa deepened her smile when she saw me tilting my head at the word I had heard for the first time.

“There is a short story about a flower named Rekenaurtia in one of the issues of this book, it’s also one of my favorites.”
“I will look for it next time.”

I’ve never heard of a flower with that name. Well, it may be because I’m not really interested in flowers in the first place.

There was a knock on the door of my room and I heard Aoi’s voice saying “I’m coming in.”

When I opened the door, Aoi, who was rarely frowning, frowned and raised his thumb pointing it behind himself.