“The woman standing before me is none other than Violet. She was the fiancée of the crown prince, His Highness Feld, who attempted to murder Baroness Mia Abazn and the crown prince of the neighboring kingdom using poisons forbidden by the Kingdom of Rolaud. This is considered the greatest betrayal towards the royal family. Therefore, the execution of the great sinner, Violet, shall be carried out.”

—Thus, I was decapitated.

Or so I thought.

However, when I realized it, I went back to the time when I was still a candidate for the position of fiancée for His Highness…

Shokei sa reta akuyaku reijō wa,-ji o sakanobori fukushū suru.
The Executed Villainess Goes Back in Time for Revenge

Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n6369gz/
Author: ゆうき Yuuki
Translator: Antoinette Vanessa

1. The Executed Villainess
2. Did I Travel Back Through Time?
3. Conviction
4. Another Fiancée
5. Rejection
6. Countermeasures
7. The Fateful Day
8. Insurance
9. Dark Emotions
10. A Fool’s Love
11. The Rumored Baroness
12.1 Rumors Spreading
12.2 Rumors Spreading
13. Avoidance
14. A True Friend
15. The Shady Female Knight
16. Stupid Bunch
17. The Deputy Leader’s Anger
18. The Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country
19. Ignorance
20. The True Instigator
21. An Invitation
22. Distorted Affection
23. Bad Acting
24. Preparing the Stage
25. The Condemnation Drama Begins
26. Condemnation Drama
27. Condemnation Drama 2
28. The Condemnation Drama 3 ~Villainess VS Heroine
29. Condemnation Drama 4
30. The Finalé
31. The Reasons for Going Back
32. By no Means… (Feld’s Perspective)
33. The Fulfilled Wish
34.1 The King of Clowns
34.2 The King of Clowns
35. Rebellion 1
36. Rebellion 2
37. The Promised Death
38. The End