The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

35. Rebellion 1

  • Feld’s POV

Shortly after I became king, Aiden disappeared from the royal palace.

He must had been scared and fled, thinking that he’d be punished by me now that I sat on the throne. After all, he had been complaining about me.

I was going to leave him alone, but my aides advised me that Aiden might do something detrimental to the kingdom. Thus, I dispatched knights to search for him.

However, no matter how much we searched, Aiden couldn’t be found. On the contrary, after he had disappeared, a number of small rebellions began to breakout in the kingdom.

A year after Violet’s execution…

“He couldn’t be located…”

Upon hearing Brown’s report in the office, I involuntarily frowned.

“…Damn, I still can’t believe Aiden is rebelling… where on earth is he hiding?”

“Perhaps, in the territory of the Duke of Melliere, one of the four grand dukes…”

“Didn’t his fiancée, Natalie Melliere, the duchess, breakoff their engagement after he disappeared?”

“It might be a ploy to deceive your eyes.”

“…Then, search the duke’s territory and crush him.”

“On another note, I think it’d be better to check the territories of the other four grand dukes as well. There are rumors that they’re always gathering and talking about something. I’m sure that it has something to do with the crown prince.”

Brown confidently said that, and I let out a sigh.

“…They’re old people utterly bound by ancient traditions. There’s no way they’d understand my idea of creating a new kingdom.”

When I said that, Sagius, who was standing beside Brown, nodded while playing with his glasses.

“I absolutely agree. I can’t forgive those decrepit fools for disturbing our noble intentions. That’s right, how about this? After the birth of your second child, we shall have a grand parade in the royal capital. Therefore, be sure to impose more taxes on the families of the grand dukes. If they disagree, you can confiscate parts of their territories and declare their actions as rebelling against the royal family.”

“I see, we’re going to gradually reduce their strength.”

“Yes, just like with the aristocrats who turned against you, you shall take everything away.”

“What a brilliant idea, Sagius. Alright, I shall do that.”

I immediately took out the bell to give an order.

However, when I tried to ring it, the aide I had been meaning to summon rushed into my office in a hurry.

Moreover, as soon as he entered, he shouted at us.

“A rebellion! A rebellion has broken out!”

“What rebellion!? Where!?”

“Right here!”

The moment the aide said that, the door of the office was kicked open, and the knights wearing cloaks with the coat of arms of the four grand dukes came in.

A person I knew immediately walked towards me.

It was Marquis Wayne, the former knight captain who I banished and had his territory confiscated. He had been a great burden on my mind.

“…Is this for the sake of vengeance?”

I muttered, and Marquis Wayne spoke while looking at me with cold eyes.

“We have come to avenge all the people living in the Kingdom of Rolaud.”

“For the people… I’m merely fulfilling my duties as a king!”

“Hmph, as if merely listening to the words of your aides without any regard to the outside world counts as that. I shall teach you a lesson.”

Marquis Wayne instructed the knights of the four grand dukes behind them. Some of them immediately came forward and approached us.

Soon, Brown unsheathed his own sword and confronted them.

“To hell with this rebel!”

Brown shouted and slashed at a knight. However, in the blink of an eye, the knight slashed Brown’s arm, struck his face with the hilt of his sword, and knocked him down.

While I was stunned by the event, the knight stepped on Brown’s head and stared at me.

“Do you know that this bastard murdered Countess Rustal over a year ago?”

“What did you say!? That’s not true. Bandits were the perpetrators, Minerva—”

I said that and realized that I hadn’t seen Minerva recently.

Then, while staring at the knight who was making a fool of me, I was thrown a bundle of letters.

“That one was for that whore, Minerva. By the way, she’s no longer in this world—she was fed to the wolves while still alive. I just wanted to let you know.”

The knight said that and turned his gaze towards the letter.

He was telling me to read it.

I found his attitude towards me, the king, uncouth. But, after hearing what fate had befallen Minerva, I decided to obey him for the time being.

I had no choice but to start reading the letter.

The content shocked me.

It was a letter written by Brown to Minerva. In short, he wanted Countess Rustal to be assassinated by the bandits.

“…This is absurd.”

I glanced at the unconscious Brown and muttered that.

The knight bluntly spoke to me.

“Count Rustal’s apparent suicide is also suspicious. After all, he had an appointment with me the day after he had died, but he decided to have a drink and go to a lake.”

I couldn’t say anything towards that.

It was because I couldn’t understand anything anymore.

Then, Marquis Wayne pointed his sword at me.

“Like Lambda said, Brown was involved in various criminal activities. We shall talk about that as well, so come quietly.”

At that point, not only was Brown unconscious, Sagius had also been seized.

Then, I was surprised by the people who had just entered.

They were none other than the four great dukes. Aiden was also among them.

Aiden, who noticed me, stared at me with resentment.

“…How low have you fallen, my brother—no, Feld the Foolish King!”

With that said, Aiden threw something at my feet.

Upon seeing what it was, I immediately recalled it—

—Because I would never forget that which had landed at my feet. It was a small vial containing poison, the same that had also proven Violet’s crime. She was a villainess who had been taken down on the day of condemnation.

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