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34.2 The King of Clowns

“Indeed! Thank you for doing this for Mia’s sake! Mia loves Feld, Sagius, and Brown!”

With that said, I merely smiled at Mia who was giving us grand smiles.

I did my best just so I could see her happy.

Being able to make someone like Mia my wife was truly wonderful.

While I was staring at Mia, Brown called out to me.

“Your Highness, once we finish shopping for Mia, why don’t we go visit our backers? They often gather around here to talk. I’m sure someone will be there.”

“That’s right, they said they’d support me in the future. Therefore, I’d like to talk with them about it.”

“Alright, then it’s decided.”

While Brown and I were discussing that, Mia grabbed our arms.

“Let’s take a look at the dresses! Which one do you think would suit Mia the most?”

“My bad…”

“Fufu, but I don’t have a good sense for fashion…”

“What are you talking about!? Mia wants to wear the dress approved by both Feld and Brown!”

Mia puffed her cheeks, took our hands, and started walking towards the dresses.

Brown and I involuntarily smiled.

“As always, Mia is truly cute.”

“That’s right.”

I also nodded at Brown’s words.

From the bottom of my heart, I was relieved at having been able to protect Mia from the villain known was Violet.

After looking at the dresses, we bought some and went to meet our supporters upon leaving the store.


“Your Highness, I’m overjoyed at receiving you as a guest.”

“Our king has come. Today is going to be a good day.”

When we arrived, the aristocrats who supported us sincerely welcomed us.

In the meantime, a nobleman approached us and knelt down.

“First of all, we were pleased to hear that His Highness was able to achieve justice.”

“No, that was all because of your support.”

“What are you saying? Everything is thanks to His Highness’ determination. We barely did anything of worth.”

“Hmm, what is it that you desire? Is there anything that I can do to repay you?”

“As I said many times before, I’d be glad if His Highness would support us in turn once he becomes king.”

“All of you…”

I was touched, tears sprang into my eyes.

Mia proceeded to embrace me.

“Feld, after we get married, let’s make these people our aides—just like Sagius and Brown!”

“That’s a good idea. Alright, I’ll make all you my aides once I succeed my father!”

When I said that, all the aristocrats proceeded to kneel.

““Thank you, Your Highness.””

The aristocrats said that in unison—I felt like a king.

Then, Mia said happily.

“Feld looks like His Majesty the King!”

“Do you think so? To tell the truth, I feel the same.”

I said that and scratched my cheek.

Then, one of the aristocrats smiled.

“To us, you’re already like His Majesty the King.”

“Fufu, you’re exaggerating, but that’s great. So, what are you discussing here?”

“…We’re concerned about the future of the kingdom. Do you know of any who’re bound by the throne, unable to move?”

When asked by the aristocrat, I inadvertently glanced at Mia.

Mia was a baroness. Originally, she wouldn’t have been able to have such relationship with me.

However, the power of everyone’s hard work and true love created a miracle that tied us together.

I also understood that normally, such a thing wouldn’t have happened.

Aristocrats probably didn’t experience such miracles, either.

“…So, all of you are suffering, too.”

“Most of us have low ranks, and we aren’t involved in the politics. As such, we can’t get involved in creating a bright future for this kingdom…”

“I see, hence the attitude you showed after I those words. Well, rest assured. I always keep my promises.”

“Thank you. Then, we’ll continue to lend our support so Your Highness may become a magnificent king. Of course, we’ll also offer you as many gifts as you’d like. It’s all for the sake of our future rulers.”

After hearing that aristocrat, Mia jumped with glee.

“You did it, Feld!”

“Indeed, now I can give you a dress. I’ve also determined who are the one who’ll help me in the future.”

I said that and nodded, before turning towards the aristocrat.

“Let us talk for a moment, Your Highness. I want to give you a lot of information, as you’ll be our future king.”

“Thank you.”

I proceeded to have a meaningful talk with the aristocrats and gained a profound insight.

Of course, I also shared various bits of information with them, my future aides.

I felt like it was the correct thing to do.

After doing such things for about a month, a tremor struck the Rolaud Kingdom.

While my father and mother were heading for a celebration in another kingdom, they both died in an accident.


““Congratulations to His Majesty the King for his coronation.””

Sagius, Brown, and the aristocrats who supported me kneeled before me while I was seated on the throne.

Mia, who became the queen, staring at me dazzlingly.

Yes, a month after my father and mother had died, I had ascended the throne.

“Your Majesty, all the old-minded people are steadily being expelled from the royal palace.”

“Your Majesty, the burning of those who’re dissatisfied is going well.”

Sagius, who became the chancellor, and Brown, who became the knight leader, nodded towards me.

I nodded back.

“Alright, that shall make this kingdom safe. Everyone, continue to lend me your aid for the new Rolaud Kingdom.”

When I said that, those kneeling nodded all at once.

I narrowed my eyes in delight—

it feels great.

Everything happening was the result of my correct decisions.

Suddenly, Mia closed her mouth and vomited.


I hurriedly held Mia and took her to a place where she could be treated.

Thus, the doctor informed me—

“—Your Majesty, the queen is pregnant.”

At the same time on that day, I became both a king and a father.

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