Born as a low-ranking aristocrat’s daughter, Liliana’s life changed dramatically after she lost her parents to an illness. After a difficult life as a noble lady, Liliana finally decided to unleash her innate talent and became a blacksmith. Her goal was to fulfil her parents’ last wish—“I want you to live strong.”

A few years later, Liliana became a hard-working court blacksmith. Although she had given up her happiness as a woman, sincerely giving her best for a kind hero she loved was her own way of finding happiness.

One day, she overheard a conversation between the hero and the princess;

“If you keep treating her that nicely, won’t she get the wrong idea?”

“That was never my intention… as if I would want such a disgusting, soot-covered, woman anywhere near me.”

Liliana was shocked to learn that his gentle and sweet words were but lies to take advantage of her.

Afterwards, the princess condemned Liliana which resulted in the king exiling her.

At a loss, Liliana had a fateful encounter in the city of adventurers, Raceton.

After her pure feelings had been toyed with, the exiled female blacksmith found a new place. It is a story of her attaining true happiness with the help of dependable friends.

*This story finishes with arc 2, but the author felt like continuing it. Reading beyond arc two is not recommended. As far as this site is concerned, the story is finished.

`Tetsu kusai on’na’ to nonoshira reta kyūtei tan’ya-shi, ohitoyoshi girudo ni hirowa re shiawase o teniireru [dainishō kanketsu]
A Court Blacksmith, Whom was Condemned for Being a ‘Woman who Reeks of Iron’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness (WN)

Author: 日之影ソラ (Hinokage Sora)

Translator: Antoinette Vanessa

Arc 1:
1. The Court’s Female Blacksmith
2. A Woman who Reeks of Iron
3. The Declaration of Exile
4. No Matter What Happens…
5. Don’t be Kind to me
6. The City of Adventurers
7. The Sword of the Blue Sky
8. A Friendly Gathering
9. I Want to Repay You
10. I can Understand by Holding Your Hand
11. Area of Expertise
12. Restoring the Holy Sword is Impossible!
13. Liliana’s Sword
14. I Won’t be Defeated
15. What I’m Capable of
16. I’d like to Stay Here for a Bit
17. Help for a Limited Time
18. Reunion
19. Stop Joking Around
20. I’m in Love With You
21. A Hero Consisting Solely of Talent
22. Do as you Like
23. A Prelude to Happiness
24. Where I Belong
25. Lili’s Workshop
25.5 SS1: A Rainy Day
25.5 SS2: Liliana’s Master

Arc 2
26. The Daily Life I’ve Attained
27. The Old Blade is Reborn
28. The Reason for Love
29. An Unusual Request
30. A Somewhat Dangerous Trip for a Couple
31. The Stars in the Night Sky
32. The Grevest Mountains
33. Sharing Secrets
34. The Sword of Fire
35. The Fake Ice Stone
36. The Sword has a Heart
37. Looks Interesting
38. The Demon King’s Invasion
39. It’s Just Empty
40. Deal with the Devil
41. How do I Explain…
42. What, the Demon King?
43. I’m Looking Forward to it
44. Women and Men
45. Invitation for a Date
46. A Hangout Date
47. Forging a Magic Sword
48. Bad News
49. Stand Together
50. Until the Day we Meet Again, Someday
50.5 SS3: The Boredom of the Demon King
50.5 SS4: What is Needed to Improve

Arc 3:
51. A Peaceful Day
52. An Important Story
53. A Full-Scale Start?
54. Things to do
55. The Interior is Fashionable
56. The Demon King’s Souvenirs
57. The Difference Between a Sword and a Kitchen Knife
58. Making a Kitchen Knife
59. After Work
60. A Fun Challenge
61. The Light that Illuminates Everyday Life
62. The Night Before