A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being a ‘Woman who Reeks of Iron’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness Translation

60. A Fun Challenge

While eating, I suddenly turned my gaze towards the lights.

“Are you interested in that?”


“You’ve been distracted for a while now. You keep looking at the lighting fixtures.”

“I, I’m sorry…”

I did it unconsciously. I only noticed once Grave pointed it out.

“You don’t need to apologize. Will you make one tomorrow?”

“That’s the plan…”

“Are you nervous because it’ll be your first attempt?”

“I don’t know if it’s anxiety or tension…”

No, it might not be anxiety.

I was just not confident.

The decoration didn’t need to be shaped like a blade.

I had never made a decoration that emphasized appearance before. I wondered if I’d be able to do it.

“Is it difficult even for Liliana?”

“I think I can do it… I feel like I can.”

“Then, it’s alright. I don’t think you lack the skill. Maybe it’s just the issue with envisioning the end result?”


As he said, I thought I could make it as long as I had a picture in mind.

It was just, the picture itself was difficult.

I recalled what I saw in Doga’s shop. I felt like I could somehow reproduce the same thing.

But then, I’d merely be imitating Doga’s product.

I wanted to make something unique to me. I didn’t want to imitate someone else’s product.

Was that my commitment as a craftsman?

I might be more stubborn than I expected.

“If so, why don’t you go to a store that sells decorations?”

Anna was the one who suggested that.

She seemed to be interested in what I was trying to make.

“A decoration store?”

“Yes, if you can’t picture the ornaments, I think you should take a look at a lot of similar objects! When I start to worry about the appearance of the food, I look around at other shops.”

“I see. Maybe that’ll be a great help.”

Anna’s proposal was perfect for solidifying my mental image.

“If so, would you like to go with me tomorrow? I know of a store…”


“Then, let’s have a work date tomorrow.”

A date—


The next day.

Grave and I went to a decoration store in the city together.

The inside was fashionable and spacious.

Other than the wallpaper, carpets, and lighting, there were many elaborate items.

“Indeed, there are various things here.”

“Looks like it This is my first time visiting a store like this.”

“Is that so…”

Recalling how Anna reacted, I became self-conscious at how strange I was.

The two of us entered the fashionable store.

It was like a date, but it was just an extension of work.

Grave was calm. It wouldn’t be good for me to feel strange.

I had to concentrate.

I was only anxious at first.

After a few minutes, I completely forgot about my concerns and was absorbed by the displayed decorations.

“…To reproduce this with iron… is it possible? It’s quite small and delicate… If I were to connect some of them somehow, hmm…”


I felt like Grave was laughing a little beside me.

“What is it?”

“No, I just saw it coming.”

I tilted my head.

Grave seemed happy for some reason.

After that, we thoroughly enjoyed looking around for two hours, and purchased some ornaments that could be helpful.

I decided to take them back to the workshop and tried making some…

“What should I do, Grave? I don’t think the drawing turns out right…”

To envision the end result, I drew a picture.

It looked shabby and worthless.

That was my first time since birth drawing a picture. When I made a sword, I didn’t need draw anything because the shape naturally came to mind.

Apparently, I wasn’t suitable for anything other than blacksmithing.

“Let me borrow it a bit.”

“Can Grave draw?”

“I can do it if it’s simple. If you tell me what you want to make, I can draw it for you.”

“Thank you, well then—”

With the help of Grave, the finished product was drawn.

The base was a lantern.

The image was of a flame trapped in a metal cage.

“Like this?”

“Yes! It’s perfect!”

“I’m glad to be of help. But from here on, it’s up to Liliana.”

“I know.”

The materials were prepared.

If I could imagine the shape, I could make it right away.

I faced the fire and iron.

This was my first time making anything other than cutlery except for armor.

Master never taught me about that.

A blacksmith was a person who could freely manipulate steel. I could manipulate it with the experience and skill I had so far.

“Now, let’s get started.”

I was going to use the same stainless steel I used for the kitchen knives.

I also prepared some cobalt-colored ore and some materials that are used to make magic swords.

Unlike a blade, it didn’t have to be sharp.

It’d be used for a long time, and wouldn’t be maintained frequently.

Selecting the materials was the highest priority. The most important thing was that the product wouldn’t rust or deteriorate.

First, I shall arrange the shape based on the outline.

I heated the steel and softened it. Then, I stretched it.

It was more complicated than a sword.

“Would making one piece at a time be better? I’d be able to avoid failure, and I can join them together later…”

Working while making a lump like that was rare for me.

To put together an idea, I arranged it and proceeded through trial and error.

I knew what I was going to make, but it was difficult.

But because it was difficult—it was fun.

No good challenge was easy.

It was like a new breeze. It was natural and refreshing, hence it was fun.

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