The baron’s daughter, Sherry, had a crush on Noel, the eldest of a count’s family and also a knight—ever since they were students.

Every time they met, she’d profess her love to him without fail. Like that, six years went by without any signs of progress.

In the meantime, Sherry heard about a love technique from her friend, ‘If pushing is of no avail, you have to pull!’ and decided to put it into practice. Sherry didn’t want Noel to get overwhelmed by her feelings.

As a result, she decided to put herself under a restriction spell for three months —‘—Don’t confess, laugh, or act intimate with Noel!’

“All those times you told me that I’m the only one for you in your life, I’ve always believed you. I will never let you retract those words.”

Immediately afterwards, Noel suddenly blurted that out and applied for an engagement with her.

Since then, not only had Noel been pampering Sherry, he would also be jealous and would often shower her with passionate words. On the other hand, Sherry continued to take a cold attitude towards Noel due to her restriction spell. Every day, she was in pain. Meanwhile, she also learned of Noel’s circumstances and of his past.

Oshite damedattanode, hiite miru koto ni shita nodesuga
Since Pushing Didn’t Work, I Decided to Pull Away


Author: 琴子 Kyoko
Translator: Antoinette Vanessa

1. Prologue
2. It Happened at First Sight
3. The Scream of Love
4. If I Can’t Push
5. Missing Each Other
6. My Love Appears to be Over
7. A Sweet Chain
8. Unconditional Love
9. To a Friendly World
10. An Unexpected Lie
11. Sinking Slowly
12. The Betrayed and the Betrayer
13. Turning Back is Difficult
14. An Unknown Past
15. The Point of No Return
16. The Form of Love
17. An Important Place
18. Hide and Seek
19. The Truth
20. The Truth (2)
21.1 The Only Thing I Want
21.2 The Only Thing I Want
22.1 Only you, for the Rest of my Life
22.2 Only you, for the Rest of my Life
23. Everything for Your Sake
24. First Selfishness
25. If the Heat Couldn’t be Hidden