The timid Duke’s daughter, Alisa, was an instrument to a political marriage. As such, she was raised to become the fiancée of the crown prince.

At the royal academy’s graduation party, she was suddenly summoned by the crown prince. Alisa, whom was unconfident, was frightened.

“Is our engagement going to be annulled?”

But it was the exact opposite.

The crown prince kneeled and pleaded—

“—Please don’t abandon our engagement!”

It seemed that the crown prince was going to be deprived of his right to succeed the throne by his much more talented younger brother, the second prince, and would be reduced into a territory lord.

Because of that, the crown prince came to conclude he was going to be abandoned by Alisa. Alisa realized that she was actually deeply loved by the crown prince and made a decision.

She said, “Even if everyone else abandons you, I alone won’t.”

Alisa, along with the crown prince, led a newlywed, leisure, life in the remote territory where they loved each other.

Eventually, their territory became prosperous enough to overwhelm the royal family.

王太子殿下が土下座して「婚約破棄しないでください」と懇願してきた ~可愛い婚約者は弟に王位を奪われてしまいましたが、わたしは絶対に見捨てません。辺境に追放されても二人で幸せな領主生活を送ります!~
Ō taishidenka ga dogeza shite `kon’yaku haki shinaide kudasai’ to kongan shite kita ~ kawaii fianse wa otōto ni ōi o ubawa rete
His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” ~My Poor Fiancé had his Throne Robbed by his Younger Brother, but Even if We’re Exiled to the Frontier, We’ll Live Happily!~

Author: 軽井広 Karui Hiro

Translator: Antoinette Vanessa

Arc 1
Chapter 1: A New Livelihood for Two in a Territory, Start!
1. The Annulment of our Engagement… I won’t do it!
2. There is no Alternative
3. The Same Room!??
4. Our Territory
5. His Highness’ Friend
6. Consultation With the Mayor
7.1 You Said You’ll do Anything, Right?
7.2 You Said You’ll do Anything, Right?
8. The Former Governor
9.1 The Decisions of the Two
9.2 The Decisions of the Two
10. If you Have the Courage to Step Forward

10.5.1 What I can do For Alisa (Aleksandr Nikolaevič Goduno’s POV)
10.5.2 What I can do For Alisa (Aleksandr Nikolaevič Goduno’s POV)

Chapter 2: No Matter What Happens
11. When I Wake up in the Morning…
12. What are you Doing to my Alisa?
13. An Oath’s Kiss
14. The Viscount of Kholmogory
15.1 What I’m Capable of
15.2 What I’m Capable of
16.1 A Flirtatious Life in Prison
16.2 A Flirtatious Life in Prison
17. The Little Viscount’s Gamble
18. Balakirev
19.1 Daughter and Sister
19.2 Daughter and Sister

Chapter 3: Showdown With Elena, the Younger Sister
20. Elena Tchaikovsky
21. For my Sister’s Happiness
22. A New Conflict
23. Prove Your Love!
24. For Example, Practicing how to Kiss?
25. Kabedon?
26. Words are Enough
27. How Unfair, it’s Always my Older Sister
28. There Isn’t Nothing

Chapter 4: The Margrave Husband and Wife
29. A New Resource
30. Elena and Felix
31. The United Kingdom
32. The Republic of Ninorsk
33. Can I do This on my Own?
34. Determination
35. Felix’s Love?
36. His Excellency Knutgrieg, the Grand Duke of Rivalsi
37. Be my Mistress
38.1 The Answer is Obvious
38.2 The Answer is Obvious

Chapter 5: The Showdown Between Alice and Alec
39. The New Crisis… is Alex Himself
40. Alex’s Thoughts
41. Elena’s Special Secret Plan
42. Alex is a Liar…
43. I’m Indebted to Alisa
44. The First Encounter Between the Two
45. An Embrace
46. A Kiss

Arc 2
Chapter 1