His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

37. Be my Mistress

“I’m grateful to you for coming all the way to my Ninorsk. I’m the grand duke, Knutgrieg.”

“Y, yes, Your Excellency Knut…”

A grand duke was different from other aristocrats, he had same stature as a prince or a princess. I managed to introduce myself as according to proper décor.

However, I was stiff. Of course, it wasn’t like that was my first time meeting a high-ranking aristocrat.

I was relieved to learn that His Excellency Knut was a gentle person. I had been wondering what I’d do if he was an intimidating person.

If such was the case… it might still have been possible to proceed with negotiations regarding the export of timber.

His Excellency Knut smiled.

“Actually, I’ve met Lady Alisa at a ball before.”

“Eh!? That’s…”

Not good.

Even if he was speaking in a friendly tone with me, it was useless if I couldn’t remember it. His impression of me might worsen because of that…

…That said, Ninorsk and Rushie were neighboring countries. As such, social gatherings were frequent. I was also invited to them because I was once the crown prince’s fiancée.

I, who had the least interpersonal ability, tended to just repeat the greetings in form.

One of the people who had greeted me back then seemed to have been His Excellency Knut.

I felt that even though His Excellency Knut wasn’t an ill-tempered person, he was slightly mischievous…

“It’s no wonder that you don’t remember. I was originally an attendant of the grand duke, for I’m a son of a baron of a branch family. Therefore, it’s understandable…”

“Is that so? Still, forgive me…”

“No, merely being able to converse with Lady Alisa at the time was already a great pleasure for me. Lady Alisa is akin to an unattainable flower that grows on a mountaintop. All aristocrats yearn for you.”

“M-me?! An unattainable flower?! Surely, you’re mistaken!!”

I was certainly the crown prince’s fiancée and had a high status for I was the duke’s daughter.

But that was it.

While I was a high-ranking aristocrat, I had no elegance. Despite my mediocre appearance, I was chosen to be the fiancée of the crown prince.

Compared to the radiance of my sister, Elena, who resembled the sun, I could hardly imagine myself being desired.

But His Excellency Knut shook his head.

“As a beautiful and intelligent princess, and as an assertive daughter of a proud and famous family, Lady Alisa is quite famous. Moreover, the fact stands that you were the fiancée of the crown prince of the powerful Ruthenia kingdom. As such, you’re an unreachable princess to us all.”

That was certainly different from what I believed.

In my case, rather than an being unattainable princess, I felt that my ability to interact with others was simply low.

But… Well, it seemed that His Excellency Knut had a positive image of me. It wasn’t a bad thing for negotiations.

“Uhm, uh, actually…”

I tried to get to the main subject, but stuttered instead. Felix was also frozen.

I took a deep breath.

I have to calm down.

His Excellency Knut looked at us in a funny way.

“Having read the letter you sent in advance, I understand the situation. In exchange for exporting timber from Arkhangelsk to Ninorsk, you want to receive funding for territorial management?”


In order to repay the debt from the United Kingdom of Sterling, we intentionally conceal said fact. If he knew that we were refinancing, we’d surely be rejected.

If we couldn’t repay the debt from Sterling, we’d lose Arkhangelsk. If that fact were known by Ninorsk, our negotiations would sink.

His Excellency Knut seemed to be in a good mood.

“Alright, I shall accept your offers.”

“What!? Really!?”

His Excellency Knut agreed so easily, I was speechless.

It was indeed an advantageous proposal for Ninorsk.

Even so, his accepting the offer so easily was rather strange.

“—I only have one condition.”

“What is it?”

“Lady Alisa shall break off her engagement with His Highness Alexander.”


I was so shocked I cried out with a shrill voice. Then, that was the end of our negotiations.

Of course, it wasn’t like I wasn’t thinking of Arkhangelsk.

But my ultimate goal was to be with Alex-sama. For that end, we were doing our best to maintain hold of our territory.

However, if the condition was to annul the engagement, then there was no point.

Rather, why would His Excellency Knut make such a condition?

With his delicate and thin fingertips, His Excellency Knut tapped his mahogany desk.

“Lady Alisa will be my mistress.”

His Excellency Knut’s words echoed within the spacious room.

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