The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

179.2 The Abduction of Princess Natalie (4)

Natalie blinked at the cold but firm words.

“Although she may be a hypothetical enemy, the princess of the Rave Empire must have decided to come to this kingdom.  She should be aware of how the relationship between our countries would change if she were to escape now.”

Natalie’s eyes widened.

At the same time, the surface of water was bathed in the sunlight shining through the clouds. Reflecting the sky, the river was both brilliant and dazzling.

“Therefore, this incident is my fault—no more, no less.”


“—Or, do you actually want this to be the princess’ trap?”

The soldier shut his mouth at the prince’s cold mockery.

“…No, I’m sorry, that was an overstatement.”


At his short command, she could hear the soldier walking away. Then, the boy sighed.

Natalie slowly walked out from under the bridge. When she was about to call out to him, she suddenly became aware of her appearance.

As she had been wandering through the woods for two days, she was covered in mud. Both her clothes and hair were an ugly mess. She didn’t think anyone would believe she was a princess.

Under such circumstances, how should she prove that she was Natalie Theos Rave?

It’d be their first meeting. Would Prince Geraldo be able to recognize her? Would he understand?

Why am I worrying so much? I should’ve just go out to him.

But if he didn’t understand, she’d be a bit disappointed.

While she was at a loss, Prince Geraldo started walking away from the river. She didn’t have any time left.

With courage, Natalie screamed.


However, her mouth was closed by a large man’s hand. His thick arms squeezed her body, and she could feel herself being lifted up.

“I finally found you, Princess Natalie.”


“It’s no use trying to resist.”

There was only one man. As she struggled to escape, something gleamed at Natalie’s feet. There was a semicircle around Natalie and the man behind her.

“Is this the first time a Princess of the Rave Empire gets to behold such a thing? It’s a covert barrier. No one will be able to hear you—or even see you.”

Is it that easy for everyone to use barriers in Kratos?

Overwhelmed by fear, her mind was in a mess.

What do I do?

The power behind the man’s restraint didn’t seem like it’d loosen anytime soon. Moreover, he was capable of using magic.

If only I had a dragon, I could ask for this entire barrier to be burn away!

“Just behave, already. Accept your fate as the Southern King’s comforter—”

With the sound of glass breaking, a black spear lunged through. The man pushed Natalie forward, intending to use her as a shield. However, the tip of the spear turned around to pierce his arm.

“Are you stupid? If you raise a barrier in my vicinity, of course I’d notice.”

She raised her face to the voice she had just heard.

As he was treading upon the surface of the river, water was sloshing everywhere. Regardless, he was looking straight at the enemy.

For his trimmed blond hair to be softly raising—was it due to his magical power?

However, she was only allowed to fall in love with that profile for a moment. Behind Geraldo were the soldiers that he had given instructions to. Leading them was the older soldier who had previously spoken with him. He was swinging his sword…

…Its tip was aimed at Geraldo’s back.

Natalie shouted at the prince.

“It’s dangerous! Behind you!”

Geraldo calmly deflected his soldier’s sword with his spear. At his front, the assailant who had returned to his position attacked him.

No way, are they all enemies?

While holding the deep blue Natalie, Geraldo clicked his tongue.

“…I wish that raccoon hadn’t predicted everything. That way, once in a while, I’d be able to be surprised.”


“Excuse me, Your Highness Natalie.”

At the same time, her body floated. Geraldo, who singlehandedly swung his spear around before thrusting it into the ground, jumped into the air. He had used his weapon as a spring. While firmly supporting Natalie’s stiff waist, Geraldo looked down at the soldiers below as they both emerged from under the stone bridge.

“I’d like to postpone our greeting. It’d be better if we were to escape from here.”

“Y, yes…”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

Geraldo whistled while holding Natalie.

Coming from the depths of the forest with the sound of galloping hooves was a white horse. The white horse jumped up just around the stone bridge. Geraldo grabbed the saddle and straddled it. It was an instantaneous, acrobatic, event.

The splendid movement stunned both Natalie and the enemy.

…How prince-like.

Then, she realized that he was indeed a prince.

“Dammit, catch them!”

“Lower your head and keep your mouth closed.”

Geraldo, who repositioned his spear at the same time as the white horse had landed, gave a simple instruction. Natalie did as she was told.

The white horse ran through the flurry of swords and angry shouts. If they were to stop, it’d be their death. It was regrettable that she had to entrust her fate to that prince.

However, mysteriously, she wasn’t afraid.

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