“You are not the real saint, you’re nothing but a fake—!!!”

I, Eliane, am suddenly exiled. Not only that, my engagement was also annulled by Claude, who was both my fiancé and the first prince of my country.

Claude claims that Leticia is the ‘real saint’, but I know from the beginning, she is the woman he has been cheating on me with. So here I am, sharing his wish to cancel our engagement.

But, is exiling me truly a wise decision, I wonder? Exiling this me, the actual ‘real saint’ who has been setting up barriers and supporting this kingdom from shadows?

Maybe, just maybe, dragons and archdemons will invade my kingdom starting from tomorrow. Who knows—

—not like it’s any of my business anymore.

I have abandoned my own country and have thus decided to have a peaceful life.

Meanwhile, the kingdom, which has lost its true saint, is on the path to ruin.

Shin no seijodearu watashi wa tsuihō sa remashita. Dakara kono kuni wa mō owaridesu
Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished

Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n7941gh/
Author: 鬱沢色素 Utsusawa Shikiso
Translator: Antoinette Vanessa

1. Prologue (Top)
2. Prologue (Bottom)
3. The Knight Leader is Actually Popular
4. The Saint’s Lone Journey
5. Healed some Injured People
6. Thank You Very Much
7. Introduction to the Kingdom’s Ruin
8. Nigel is Loved by Everyone
9. Turns out he’s a Prince 
10. I Became Beautiful
11. An Audience with His Highness
12. It was Fluffy
13. It was Fluffy (2)
14. The Cause of the Illness
15. A Talk with the Dragon
16. I did say I don’t Need a Large Room, Right?
17.1 I got Found out
17.2 I got Found out
18. If you are That Passionate, I’ll Panic
19. Nigel’s Feeling
20. Even if I’m not Good with Waking up Early, I Still do so
21. I Gave Fenrir Breakfast
22. I was Called a Goddess
23. Let’s Erect a Barrier 
24. Invasion of the Royal Castle
25. Foolish Prince
26. Nigel’s Little Sister is Very Cute
27. Let’s Cook
28. Time for the Actual Meal
29. Birthday
30. Shopping at the Market
31. Being Reunited After a Long Time
32. New Resident
33. The Dragon and the Fenrir became Good Friends
34. Douglas is Selfish
35. A Date?
36. The Glasses Wearing  Prince is also Wonderful
37. I’m Fidgety when I Enter a Jewelry Store 
38. Cursed Necklace
39. To Confess to Someone you Like
40.1 The Speculation of the Fake Saint
40.2 The Speculation of the Fake Saint
41. Busy Morning
42. I don’t Want to Burden Everyone
43. The Princess and the Prince
44. Settlement
45. The Unveiled Truth
46. The Condemnation of a Foolish Woman
47. Dancing Together
48. It’s Been a Month since Then
49. A Mysterious Boy
50. Omurice
51. The Problems of the Spirit King
52. Even if it’s a Spirit, Those who are in Need Cannot be Overlooked
53. The Reliable Dragon and Divine Creature
54. The Cause of the Miasma
55. I cut off the Miasma from its Source
56. The Village of Spirits
57. Both are Stubborn
58. The Countdown to the Kingdom’s Extinction
59. The Order of the Archdemon
60. The Magic Research Institute
61. Suddenly, I Mastered Potion-Making
62. Let’s go Meet the Spirits Again
63. The Perfect Dish for Summer
64. A Mysterious Sword
65. The Advanced Potion was Super-Class
66. Let’s Make Holy Water
67. My Feelings
68. The Controlling and the Controlled
69. A Sharp Maid
70. The Duke of Ice
71. Two Good Friends
72. The Value of my Existence
73. The Pharmacist’s Qualification
74. A Small Amulet
75. The Written Test
76. I made Holy Water during the Practical Test
77. The Result Announcement
78. Do you Hate Vince?
79. Side story: Vincent
80. Baldur’s Plan
81. A Peaceful Journey…?
82. The Restless Spirit King
83. A Deplorable Request
84. I’m Being Looked Down on too Much!
85. The Counterattack Begins
86. I Don’t Feel Like I’ll Lose to Anyone Anymore
87. Together
88. It was a Short and Long Time
89. The Determination of the Saint
90. The Original Saint
91. The Future Princess
92. What I Forgot in the Kingdom
93. Let’s eat Rice Balls Together
94. The Unchanging Feeling of Love
95. The Dragon Once Again Descends Upon the Kingdom
96. The Saint Steps Into the Kingdom Once Again
97.1 Thank You
97.2 Thank You
98. Side: Leticia
99. He Doesn’t Seem to be the Same as Before
100. Please Apologize
101. The Plan of the Demons
102. Unlike the Normal Prince
103. Unity
104. Meeting Mr. Sieghard
105. Clues
106. The Agent of the Goddess
107. The Location of the Original Saint
108. The Friendship Between Men
109. The Fake Saint Removes her Mask
110. The Fake Saint is About to Change
111. Let’s Reunite in the Future
112. Everything I Want
113. What I Wanted
114. Thank You
115. The Demon Invasion
116. For the Woman I Love
117. If you can’t Become the Main Character, Withdraw
118. The True Saint
119. How Frustrating. I’ll Never Forgive you
120. The True Saint Will Never Lose
121. A Recurring Disaster
122. I Want to see Everyone Again
123. The Best Happy Ending—!?
124.1 The Things that Change, The Things that don’t Change (Claude’s POV)
124.2 The Things that Change, The Things that don’t Change (Claude’s POV)
125. The World’s Peace (Philip’s Perspective)
126. Today, You’re the Most Beautiful in the World
127. Happiness