“This is a contract marriage.” “Yes, thank you!” “…What?”

Avril, a daughter who was hailed as a prodigy when she was young, was bullied for being ‘incompetent.’ For being a villainess, she was married to a lustful old duke in the place of her stepsister…

However, what was waiting for her was a beautiful young man the exact opposite of the rumors. Naturally, the way those surrounding Avril’s treated her, someone they believed a villain, was unfortunate.

Nevertheless, Avril, who was well accustomed to being oppressed, remained calm. She obediently demonstrated her insensitivity and abilities as a ‘villainess’ and transformed her surroundings into her allies.

On the other hand, the duke quickly learned Avril was neither incompetent nor villainous.

“Avril, who dared refer to you as ‘incompetent’ and as a ‘villain’? …I won’t forgive them.” “Uhm, that’s…?”

This is a story about a heroine who lived at her own pace even if she was unloved by her family, and was cherished and happy in her newfound world.

” shoseki ka ” muno saijo wa akujo ni nari tai ~ gimai no migawari de tomoi da reijo 、 koshaku you no dekiai ni kidzuka nai ~
The Genius “Incompetent” Woman Wants to be a Villain ~a Lady who Married in the place of her Stepsister is Unaware of the Doting Duke’s Love

Author: Saki Ichimin
Raw Source: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n7817ho/

Translator: Antoinette

1. Prologue (…My Wedding was Hijacked by my Stepsister)
2. Apparently, I was Going to be Married Off as a ‘Villain’
3. An Incompetent Woman
4. I Won’t Send any Money…
5. My Destination is Revealed not to be a Remote Region
6. A Contract Marriage? Fine.
7. Is Having such a Favorable Contract Alright?
8. Is This a Palace?