Waku Waku Love Academy’s Great War! Or also known as Waku Academy. An Otome game was released in the last Golden Week of the Heisei era and the first Golden week of the Reiwa era… As well as the game that came to be known as the Legendary Failure. While playing the game, feeling entirely uninterested in the love interests, which are usually an Otome game’s selling point, Rika Todo was reincarnated into the universe of Waku Academy.

That is right. She reincarnated as neither the Heroine nor the Villainess, but rather as the side character. The Duke’s Daughter, Alice Salvato!!!

If the love interests do what they did in the game, this kingdom is doomed. If that happens, I’ll be in danger as well! Education! I’ll educate those idiots and save this kingdom!!!

This story follows the journey of the woman who, after being reincarnated as a Duke’s daughter in a shitty game, educated the kingdom’s upper echelon until she was dubbed “The Kingdom’s Magnanimous Mother.”

Akuyaku reijō ni tensei shita…… ka to omottakedo, mobukyara no kōshaku reijō no katadattanode, bakana kōryaku kyara o kyōiku shimasu! !
I Reincarnated as the Villainess… or so I Thought! I Ended up Reincarnating as a Side Character, the Duke’s Daughter, so I Decided to Educate the Moronic Love Interests!!!

Author: 綜奈 勝馬
Raw Source: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n2215gh/

Provider: Rei

Prologue: If I’m going to Reincarnate let it be as the Heroine, or at least as the Villainess
Chapter 1: This isn’t Violence, it’s Education!
Chapter 2: Insulting the Idiotic Prince
Chapter 3: The Maid loves her Young Lady
Chapter 4: An Audience with His Majesty
Chapter 5: I’ll turn this Useless Prince into the Best Love Interest!
Chapter 6: Father, leave this to me!
Chapter 7: You’ve Done Well
Chapter 8: This Rising Feeling Is…!
Chapter 9: Queen Catherine’s Visit
Chapter 10: After the Misunderstanding
Chapter 11: Don’t Call Me Your Highness, Call Me…
Chapter 12: Zeke’s Feelings
Chapter 13: One Thing After Another
Chapter 14: Why Did You Come Your Highness Alice Asked, Causing Zeke to Get Angry!
Chapter 15: Likability MAX. This Is Why You’re No Good Waku Academy!
Chapter 16: Your Love is Overbearing!
Chapter 17: This Isn’t Waku Academy! Or Wait… Maybe it is!
Chapter 18: Hope and Despair! Scratch That… There’s Only Despair
Chapter 19: The Salvatos’ Retainers Are Seriously Scary