I Reincarnated as the Villainess… or so I Thought! I Ended up Reincarnating as a Side Character, the Duke’s Daughter, so I Decided to Educate the Moronic Love Interests!!! Translation

I Reincarnated as the Villainess… or so I Thought! I Ended up Reincarnating as a Side Character, the Duke’s Daughter, so I Decided to Educate the Moronic Love Interests!!! [Chapter 5]

Chapter Five: I’ll turn this Useless Prince into the Best Love Interest!

“…I get the gist, Zeke.”


When His Majesty the King called Zeke, he responded instantly.

“…I have a lot to say to you, but the bottom line is that you are to blame.”

“What?! Why?! You heard what this woman said!”

“It is exceedingly impolite to tell a lady, much alone your betrothed, that another woman is better than her.”

“But… That’s how I really feel! No matter what, I don’t want to be with her!”

“Oh my, Your Highness, it appears we have the same idea. I do not want to be with you either.”

“What did you say?!”

“You got a problem with that?!”

“…Stop it, you two. First and foremost, your marriage is a political one, and I have ordered it. I understand that there are some things with which you are unhappy, but please bear with them.”


“Why?! Why do I have to put up with this, Father?! I’m a prince!!!”

“…Good grief. That’s enough, Zeke. Forgive me, Miss Alice. I’m sorry for bothering you like this. Would you please look after my stupid son? You don’t have to be polite to him either. Because I neglected him a bit as a child, he grew up to be pretty selfish. A child who isn’t scared to express herself to him, such as yourself, is truly precious.”

“What?! Father!”

“Understood! Leave him to me!”

“…Still, a drop kick is a bit too much…”

“…I am aware. My behavior was quite discourteous.”

“No, not that. It’s not lady-like.”

His Majesty said. After that, he rose from the throne and approached Alice, placing his hand on her head and smiling. 

Oh! Oh my! His face! His face is so close!

“While I wouldn’t call you a lady just yet, I wouldn’t want a cute girl doing such things, okay?”


“…What are you blushing for? Disgusting.”

“Zeke! That’s no way to talk to a woman!”


Zeke merely ignored His Majesty and turned his head away. His Majesty, on the other hand, simply stood there with his palm over his eyes, watching him.

“…Good grief. Well, this should do it. Both of you, you’re free to go.”

As he returned to his throne, His Majesty said. Both Alice and Zeke then bowed their heads and walked away.

“…Hmph! Why must I put up with this terrible woman?! For crying out loud, I’m the prince!”

On their way back from the throne room, Zeke and Alice walked together. Alice didn’t want to walk around with him, but there was only one path, so she had no choice. 

He’s still going on about that…

“Yea, yea. It truly is a pity, Your Highness. However, because the king has ordered this marriage, you should give up. Well, if you’re willing to be disinherited, I suppose you might call it off.”

Although I guess, that’s impossible. Given the kingdom’s existence, he will not be permitted to call it off.


“Is there something wrong, Your Highness? Why did you suddenly stop talking? Is it possible that your strings broke?”

Alice inquired, turning her head to look at His Highness, who had come to a complete stop. As she did so, His Highness turned away from her with a disdainful expression on his face.

“…I’m not a toy. I don’t have any strings that can break!”

“That’s what you would call a joke… So, is there something wrong? Are you honestly considering disinheriting your family and dissolving the marriage?”

“…I cannot do that.”

“…Well, Your Highness, I suppose you’ll lose your worth if you cease being a prince.”

After all, a self-centered guy like him is nothing more than a troubled child without his position.

“You really are a genius when it comes to getting on my nerves, aren’t you?! And so what? Even if I stop being a prince, I still…”

Zeke abruptly paused in his speech and chuckled sarcastically at himself. That sorrowful laughter was so full of emotion that Alice couldn’t believe a seven-year-old child had made it.

“…I guess you are right. Without my title, I am nothing.”


The look on Zeke’s face caught Alice off guard.

“Is there something wrong? Why did you suddenly stop talking? Is it so bizarre that I say something like this?”

“No, it’s not that. I was just thinking that this discussion was dragging on, and I was getting hungry. I still haven’t had breakfast, you see.”

I can’t let this! Even if he’s reasonably attractive, I’m not going to let my heart skip a beat for this seven-year-old. And I’m already a member of His Majesty’s club. I’m the type of woman who prefers older, cultured men!

“…You really are… Shouldn’t you at the very least ask what’s wrong in these kinds of situations?! Let alone that, anything else would be better than I’m getting hungry!!!”

“I’m just not interested.”

“Then be! Be at least a little interested!!! You’re my fiancée, aren’t you? I’ll have breakfast prepared for you later! I’ll even ask the royal chef to have the special menu prepared!”

“…Gulp. Okay! I’m all ears!”

…It’s a little annoying, but I suppose I’ll listen to him. J-Just to get this straight, this is not because he offered me food!!!

“… You really are… Either way. Do you know my mother?”

“Mother? Your mother…”


“His Majesty’s first wife… The late Queen Liliana?”


…That’s right! I remember now. Her Majesty Liliana, His Highness’ mother, died at a young age.

“Mother, despite her frail health, was a lovely person. She had this flickering smile on her face all the time… However, three years ago, she died of a sickness.”


“…Mother asked me to become a great king before she died. She would always look after me, regardless of her health. She had always hoped that I would grow up to be a magnificent king who would rule a great government.”

“…Impossible. His Highness leading a great government is a bit…”

You were slammed all over the internet, you know? People were saying things like, “If this moron becomes king, this country is doomed.” and other things along those lines. The problem isn’t the government that you’re trying to make…

“…You’re quite blunt, aren’t you?”

“I guess…”

“…Specifically, which area do you believe is the source of the problem?”

“Which area… To begin with, do you even study, His Highness? For example, how can one become a king and such?”


Yikes! This dude. How can he so blatantly disregard me?

“You must not slack off, Your Highness.”

“I’m not slacking off! I-It’s just that… I don’t have a private tutor… And there isn’t anyone I can ask…”



“I know, alright?! I also believe that a person of royal blood should not require a private tutor to construct a successful government and should study independently… But it’s just a bit… You get it right?”

Zeke sputtered. 

That’s not what I mean!

“You don’t have a private tutor? Wh… Oh! It must be because of that, right? They’ve all had enough of your selfishness, haven’t they?”

“No! It’s not that… You see, there’s father’s second wife…”


Maybe they don’t get along.

“…It’s not that we don’t get along. It’s only natural for her to choose the child she carried in her stomach… And, recently, father has started paying more attention to my younger brother, Alen.”

“…Your Highness.”

“I’m already seven. And, to begin with, the king is a lonely figure. I know it’s inappropriate for me to say things like this, but…”

…No! It’s inappropriate for you not to say them. From what I heard just now, His Highness has done nothing wrong.

“…Your Highness, have you talked to His Majesty about this?”

“…There’s no way I can.”


“It would give the impression that I am envious of my brother. I’m already his prior wife’s child, and I don’t want to make things worse. After all, I’m already being treated as a bother in this Royal Family.”

Zeke remarked, a self-deprecating grin on his face. He had a sorrowful expression on his face, yet he smiled nonetheless.

“Your Highness, let’s go!”

Alice exclaimed, her rage threatening to erupt. 

…What the hell! He’s been completely neglected! “Neglected him a bit,” Yeah, right! You haven’t looked at him at all, Your Majesty! Of course, he’ll grow up to be a moron!!! He’ll never know what to do unless someone teaches him first!

“He… Hey! My… My hand! Let go!”

“Don’t be embarrassed just because I took your hand. What are you, a maiden?”

I’ve decided!

“Just where are we going?!”

First and foremost, if His Highness grows up to be a king without learning anything, this country will perish. If that happens, I won’t be able to live in peace as a duchess’s daughter.

“Where, you ask? Isn’t that obvious?”

…This is also for my own benefit. But, more importantly, it’s because…

“We’re going to my house!!!”

I’m angry…

“I’ll be your tutor, Your Highness!”

I’ll turn this knucklehead prince into the best love interest ever. Someone I wouldn’t mind putting in any Otoge!