The protagonist now starting his high school life, Yuuki Kousuke, loses his life upon saving another person. However, that life of his isn’t over yet. 

By luck, the ojii-san he helped is a kami, and he reincarnates him in another world out of gratitude. The same way it happens in his beloved novels about other worlds, our protagonist gratefully accepts being reincarnate in another world with a cheat ability. Except, the place he wakes up in… is a morgue.

With a cheat ability that hasn’t physically changed him in the slightest, this is the story of our protagonist’s modern day revival as he lives a tranquil life.

…Yet while saying this, he is getting dragged into various incidents and numerous more fights.

異世界転生… されてねぇ!
Isekai Tensei… saretenee!
Reincarnating Into a Different World… Ain’t This!
Raw Source:
Author: タンサン
Translator: Lyfe

Arc 1 [Onmyou Techniques]
Character Designs
1. Reincarnating Into a Different World… Ain’t This!
2. A Normal Revival Because of a Blunder
3. Ah, I Forgot to ask for her Name
4. You, can Talk!?
5. Summon, Shikigami!
6. Gah, the Fortune Slip Buildiing!!
7. Ah, I Have to Buy Cat Food
8. Comrade!
9. Even Though I Just Want to Live in Peace
10. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
11. Where is the White Crow?
12. Just Like a Compress
13. Y0uTube-sama, Thank You!
14. [Scatter Flame Bullets] [Scatter Flame Bullets] [Scatter Flame Bullets] [Scatter Flame Bullets]
15. That’s Scary! Throw it Away!
16. What the? The Internet Fee?
17. I’ll Sleep Some More
18. Little Girl’s Clothes/ A Slithering Tail
Character Introduction and a Short Story

Arc 2 [Special Abilities]
19. Ka—!
20. Urgent Family Mee—ting!
21. The Special Ability of God
22. Tra0sformer
23. Gender Equality Uppercut
24. Attempting to Make Apple Juice
25. I’ll be, disturbing you
26. Complicated Household Circumstances
27. The Ace up my Sleeve
28. He- Help me— — —!
29. Destroy the Building
30. Was Careful, When Cutting!
31. Kaaaaa— — — —!
32. Kill Time Making [Substitution Tags]
33. The Building Collapsed
34. A Realist
35. Shiro’s Imouto
36. The White Boss Crow/Scratches on the Smartphone
Character Introduction 2

Arc 3 [Magic]
37. There Shouldn’t be any Punishment, Probably
38. I was too slow—
39. An Allowance of 500 Yen Each
40. Urusai
41. Ultimate~ Tackle!
42. Hyahou!
43. The Golden Creation of the Divine
44. Kamui Kotan
45. Hinna Hinna
46. Army of Fools
47. Boy Scout
48. The Hero of Kamui Kotan