Flores was suddenly forced to annul her engagement.

She was just about to marry a duke’s son.

However, her fiancé, Ricardo, declared their engagement broken while also saying, “I don’t need you anymore, I already found a new fiancée.” with an arrogant attitude. The man showed no hint of sadness or regret.

“I don’t love you, either.”

Nevertheless, Ricardo was stunned by what Flores had to say next.

Flores had a stern look.

After all, she was merely pretending to be in love with him, and was even trying to cheat on him.

“Since the annulment of the engagement is established, I want my alimony!”

Ricardo, who was demanded such, couldn’t refuse.

Flores, who became free of her obligations, received her alimony and made her dream of running a café come true…

…Then, a year later.

A noble young man visited Flores’ shop.

He had sharp eyebrows, while his eyes were strict and honest.

He looked like the hero of a story.

“Flores?” He inquired.

She didn’t even recall knowing him. But for some reason, he knew about Flores, and was looking for her.

Medetaku kon’yaku haki ga seiritsu shitanode, jiyū kimama ni ikiyou to omoimasu
As my Engagement has been Annulled, I’m going to live Freely!

Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n7310hb/
Author: 当麻リコ Tōma Riko

1. The Long-Awaited Day
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