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21. The Promised Date

“Thank you for your gift the other day.”

“You’re welcome. I’ve carefully selected the ones that Ryan especially likes.”

“Even though I never overtly stated it, you understood. I truly liked everything you’ve given me.”

“It shows on your face, you know? Didn’t you realize?”


I said that to tease him. However, Ryan immediately covered his mouth and blushed.

Apparently, he truly wasn’t aware of it.

“…By the way, my subordinates were really happy.”

“Then, is it possible for you to form an alliance with them based on sweets?”

“Sure. It seems that there are many guys who unexpectedly liked sweets. Even those who hadn’t tried it any before were impressed. After all, everything Flores bakes is delicious.”

“Really? Then I’m glad to hear that. I tried to make them less sweet.”

“I’m sorry to have bothered you. It must’ve been difficult to bake all that. Let me repay you some other time.”

“…No, it’s alright. Being able to see Ryan fighting sufficed for me. It was really cool.”

“T, that’s… thank you…”

Ryan turned away from me with great shyness.

Even though he was such a flawless person, Ryan was easy to embarrass. Maybe because he wasn’t accustomed to being complimented out of nowhere?

Perhaps because he was usually strict, no one was as brave as me in terms of praising him.

He was so cute when he laughed. Those who shrug him off at their first impression were really unfortunate.

“But I’m still dissatisfied. Is there anything I can do?”

As he asked me firmly, his cheeks still showed a faint scarlet hue.

He showed me such a large smile, one which convinced me of his determination.

I thought of making a brazen request.

“I wonder, can ask you to carry my bags again the next time our holidays overlap?”

“Is that all…?”

Ryan didn’t look reluctant. Rather, he looked to be in a good mood for some reason.

“Is that alright with you?”

“Of course, but that kind of request will only benefit me… I don’t know if that’s how I should repay someone.”

“…Are you happy?”

I tilted my head at Ryan as he showed a difficult expression.

Wasn’t it just a hassle to carry bags during his precious holiday?

“I like going out with Flores because the usual scenery looks different.”

“…To be honest with you, I don’t really mind the bags. All I want is to go out with Ryan again.”

While feeling ashamed of myself at having come up with such an excuse to invite him out, I honestly confessed to Ryan, someone who was straightforward about his feelings.

I felt truly embarrassed, but I was overjoyed when he said he was happy.

“That’s great, then. Let’s go out the next time your shop closes for the day.”

“Thank you, I’m really looking forward to it. Please let me know when you have a day off.”

“…Ah, about that, I’m sorry, it might be a while before I have one…”

“Is that so? Well, if you’re busy, don’t overdo it.”

“No, it seems that the border of the Sanois Region is getting hostile. Therefore, the military will be dispatched.”

“That sounds difficult, are you alright?”

“It isn’t that big of an operation. Of course, I shan’t let my guard down. I’m well prepared, so don’t worry. I have been dispatched to the same place before. The operation lasted for only three days back then.”

Ryan spoke with a confident smile, as if he had taken a glimpse of my heart.

He didn’t neglect his training. Why he became a captain at such a young age was obvious.

As Ryan said, the kingdom had been peaceful for nearly a hundred years. There had never been a single major dispute with the neighboring countries.

The knights were training in anticipation for a war that might happen one day. But in recent decades, the training was mostly for the sake of formality and ceremony.

Occasionally, skirmishes and quarrels between territories occurred and the knights had to quell it. However, most of the time, just by seeing the knights, the conflict would die down.

“This time, it’ll take about a week. It’ll take longer because we’re doing a round trip.”

“…That’s relief. Be careful, though.”

“Thank you. Once everything has settled, let’s meet.”

“Yes, I’ll be waiting.”

Ryan returned to work with a smile on his face.

Ryan would be fine.

He had first-class swordsmanship, and he could even use magic.

After seeing off that reliable back, I cleaned the inside of the store.

Half a month later, there was still no sign of Ryan ever returning.

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