The engagement of the younger sister of Viscount Ragulen, Lucia, was suddenly dissolved by Count Gourman. The reason seemed to be her dowry.

But, when she thought about it, it was better to support her brother, Alves, and work hard to rebuild her territory than to marry the arrogant count. Rather, the annulment was the best thing that could have happened to her!

It was a start to days full of happiness.

However, Lucia received an invitation for Gorman’s wedding from the countess. She knew it was to insult her. Nevertheless, due to her family stature, she was obliged to attend. But alas! Her brother was too busy to go with her. When her brother and sister were at a loss, her brother’s friend, Phil, offered to accompany her.

Kon’yaku haki sa retanoni moto fianse no kekkonshiki ni shōtai sa remashita. Kotowarenainode ani no yūjin ni dōkō shite
I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancée Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me

Author: ナナカ・かずね Nanaka Kazune

1. The Annulment of my Engagement
2. My Brother’s Fury
3. Lucia
4. My Brother’s Friend
5. Knights
6. A Knight on Vacation
7. What the Messenger Brought
8. A Malicious Invitation
9. My Cousin, Irena
10. The Count of Orfels’ Objective
11. Will you go With me?
12. The End of the Vacation
13. A Suggestion
14. The Helpers
15. On the Wedding Day
16. In the Moving Carriage
17. Preparedness
18. The Battle Begins
19. The Target of Attention
20. The Family of the Count
21. A Feeling of Liberation After the Battle
22. Good Luck
23. Peaceful Daily Life
24. Phil’s Circumstances
25. The Past and Hesitation
26. Before Departing