I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

20. The Family of the Count

“You should’ve let us know in advance. We could’ve prepared a better seat for you.”

Count Orfels had a big smile on his face.

However, I felt that he sounded somewhat stiff. Despite smiling, Count Orfels looked overwhelmed. Not to mention, he wasn’t the kind of person to personally greet a guest as soon as a ceremony ended.

Nevertheless, as of the present, the count behaved politely. It was as if he were talking to someone he revered.

As I secretly tilted my head, Phil stood up.

“Don’t worry, Count Orfels. I came of my own volition today. I hope I didn’t cause too much of a commotion.”


“That’s right, won’t you refer to me as ‘Phil’, today? I want to concentrate on my role as Lady Lucia’s escort.”

Phil, who casually said that, showed an amiable smile.

The Orfels family immediately turned towards me with smiles on their faces.

Although while my cousin, Irena, was smiling adorably at me, her eyes shone with ferocious jealousy.

I expected either a triumphant or a hostile smile from her. However, Irena seemed jealous of me instead.

What does this mean?

Suddenly, I remembered how blue Alves turned back then.

Did he anticipate this?

…I begun to have stomachache.

…Brother, I’m sorry for laughing at that time.

“Then, allow us to prepare a more spacious seat after this. I’ve always thought that Lady Lucia looked dignified, but today, she looks even more dazzling than ever! She’s so tall and graceful. It’d be a waste for her to go home soon. You should take a look around!”

…I wasn’t prepared to be praised by Count Orfels.

Moreover, he was smiling widely.

Of course, that was also the count’s first time praising me.

…However, I wasn’t happy at all. I knew he didn’t actually mean it.

I didn’t have any choice but to say, “Wow…”

I definitely didn’t want to stay at the party.

There were many reasons for that. Besides, I’d be too stressed to enjoy the food.

Did he read my mind?

Phil refused in my stead.

“Lady Lucia has other business to take care of after this. We’ll refrain from participating in the party.”

“I see. What a shame. Then… shall I prepare an escort for Lady Lucia? I swear by my family name that the escort will safely see her to her destination. As for Phil… can you please stay for a bit?”

An unexpected but amazing proposal appeared.

I was overwhelmed, I had begun doubting my ears.

Did they want Phil to stay that badly?

Gorman seemed to be surprised, too. He was glaring at his father, distorting his face.

…It seemed that Gorman and I shared the sentiment. I felt a bit of nostalgic at his straightforward expression. In the past, he often showed it to me.

Irena still had a cute smile, but she looked tense.

By the way, when I was little, I had a fight with Irena over a doll. Despite her cute face, she was as fierce as I was…

While I was thinking of escaping, Count Orfels laughed in a dignified manner.

After clearing his throat, he uttered in a low voice.

“I’ve heard that Phil has been very busy these days… don’t you need a break? We’ll be offering a lot of entertainment that is inaccessible in the North.”

His tone was full of implication.

I wondered if women weren’t supposed to hear it.


I should pretend as if I hadn’t heard anything. Phil had helped me more than enough that day. He should be allowed to enjoy the entertainment along with everything else.

When I was about to respond in an aristocratic manner, Phil suddenly smiled and spoke.

“Count Orfels.”

His voice was quiet.

However, it was chilly—just like that of an unsheathed blade.

“…Before Lady Lucia, I’d like for you to refrain from making such jokes.”

“…M, my apologies!”

Count Orfels turned pale and bowed deeply.

He looked ready to bend his knees.

But, before he could do so, Phil grabbed the count’s arm.

“Count Orfels, earlier, I already told you to not do that.”

“Y, yes! Please forgive me!”

Count Orfels began to tremble.

Gorman was also shaking and bowing as deeply as his father. Irena was alternating glares at us. In the end, while pursing her lips, she bowed in the same way.

The altar was quiet before I knew it.

Although there were still people left, everyone stopped moving and held their breaths as they watched over the situation.

I didn’t understand the situation well, but my breath was also stuck in my throat.

Phil glanced at me.

He stared at me, and suddenly lowered his face.  With a deep sigh, he spoke.

“…It’s enough, already. I’m sorry about this. You have no problems with this right, Lucia?”

“Eh? Yes, that’s right…”

Phil returned to his usual self only when he spoke to me.

Hence, I nodded as usual.

Gorman looked as if he had seen something incredible.

…It seemed that my way of responding was wrong.

I failed.

Regardless of my slip-up, Phil looked very happy.

“Then, let us go, Lucia. Give me your hand.”

Phil extended his hand. Although he was still dignified, he looked happy.

I was at a loss.

It was embarrassing for me to stutter. I was ashamed of myself.

Still, I’d rather not be stared at anymore. I decided to take his hand and leave the place.

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