His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

16.2 A Flirtatious Life in Prison

It was tiny, gray, and had a terrifying tail…

“A, a mouse!?”

I was still a duke’s daughter. I had never been trapped in a dungeon before. I, of course, had also never seen a rat before.

I was amazed by its nimbleness—moreover, it was heading towards us.

“Stay away!”

I involuntarily hid behind His Highness and clung tightly to him.

On the other hand, His Highness, who was calm, steadily drove away the mouse.

His Highness smiled.

“Even Alisa is afraid of something.”

“I’m scared of a lot of things…”

“The Alisa who confronted George looked really scary.”

I remembered my actions and felt embarrassed. My face began to flush.

I thought it was a good thing.

However, I had a timid personality.

“I’m scared of ghosts, mice, and insects. I’m scared of food with carrots because I dislike them. But the scariest thing is… to lose those who’re precious to me.”

I stared at His Highness.

What scared me was the deaths of those close to me, such as Felix, Elena, and my cousin, Mary.

Nevertheless, what I feared the most was… losing His Highness.

Hence, to avoid the scariest outcome, I had to be as courageous as I could.

His Highness nodded.

“I’m also terrified of losing you… I don’t want to imagine it, but our current situation is…”

At the current rate, His Highness and I would be sent back to the royal capital as rebels. Since I was the duke’s daughter, I’d likely be safe.

However, His Highness… in the worst case, he’d be executed.

Even if such wasn’t the case, it might be impossible to return to Arkhangelsk together.

If we didn’t survive that crisis, a life in that prison might be the last moments we had together.

I had to do something…!

His Highness was also thinking seriously, but his cheeks suddenly became red.

What happened?

“Alisa… well, aren’t you too close…?”


Surprised by the mouse, I inadvertently hugged His Highness.

I did it completely out of reflex.

I was clinging to His Highness’ right arm… like a lover.

O, oh no…

I became embarrassed and stepped back in a hurry. Not long after that, there something like a pebble on the floor—I was surprised—

“—W-what’s that?!”


I just fell backwards towards the bed behind us.

His Highness tried to embrace me, but he couldn’t make it in time. On the contrary, His Highness’ hand also flew towards the sky. Having lost his balance, he collapsed.

As a result…

“It hurts… huh?”

When I noticed, I was lying on my back on the narrow bed.

That was fine, but His Highness had fallen right beside me.

Rather, it was as if His Highness is pushing me down…

…His Highness was holding my thin wrist with his right hand, while his left hand was on my shoulder.

He was on top of me.

“I’m sorry, Alisa…”

“N, no, it’s alright…”

I was thrilled to see His Highness’ beautiful face right above mine. His neat face was dyed bright red.

His Highness stared at me with his blue sapphire-like eyes, but he turned away, perhaps embarrassed.

My face was probably bright red. My heart wouldn’t stop pounding.

In such situations… as a pair of lovers, weren’t we supposed to kiss?

I’d definitely return to the mansion of Arkhangelsk with His Highness…

…But if we failed, we might never meet again.

When I thought so, my love for His Highness seared.

That might be my last chance to interact with His Highness. It might not be possible to reduce our distance anymore.

His Highness tried to get up in a hurry, but I pinched the hem of his clothes and stopped him.

Astonished, His Highness’ eyes widened.

“A, Alisa…?”

I squeezed my courage and smiled at His Highness.

“Don’t be shy, Your Highness. I’m your fiancée. So… you can do whatever you want.”

His Highness blushed even more. Even his ears were red. His eyes wandered into the sky.

His Highness gently reached towards me and caressed my hair. It was a gentle, comfortable, and fluffy touch.

Then, His Highness gently tried to cover my lips with his.

At that time, the prison door popped open.

Both His Highness and I froze and turned toward the door.

There was… a little girl. She had fluffy, silver, hair and big, golden, eyes.

That very cute child was… the 10-years-old Viscount Anastasia Kholmogory.

Her white cheeks became red as she squirmed.

“Y, Your Highness and Alisa, you may continue…”

Although embarrassed, the girl seemed curious, and she kept staring at us.



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