His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

16.1 A Flirtatious Life in Prison

Because I risked my life to protect His Highness, George got upset.

After all, if he were to still proceed with his plan to murder His Highness, I’d die, too. Once that happened, the Duke of Tchaikovsky wouldn’t remain silent.

George looked back at the vassals behind him, perhaps wondering. The vassals didn’t seem to know what to do.

Viscount Anastasia’s golden eyes went wide in astonishment.

I was nervous as I waited for George’s answer.

Looking back, His Highness smiled gently.

His Highness… mustn’t die!

There was only one man from George’s vassals.

He looked to be in his thirties…

Is he older than George?

He was dressed in black outfit, and his hair was also black. His eyes were precise, and he exuded a majestic aura.

“Lord George, killing the prince and his fiancée here would certainly bring trouble. Rather, it’d be wise to imprison and deliver them to the officials of the royal capital alive.”

“However, if first prince’s intention to rebel is revealed to be fake, it’ll be over for me.”

“We can just schedule a meeting with the proper government officials in advance. After all, there are many who want to bury His Highness Alexander.”

“…I see, it may be exactly as Balakirev says.”

The excellent vassal seemed to be named Balakirev.

Anyway, it seemed that they wouldn’t kill His Highness.

Still, I couldn’t let my guard down.

“If you are to imprison me, lock me in the same prison as His Highness. If you put me in a different place, I’ll kill myself right here.”

To ensure the safety of His Highness, it had to be done. There was no saying His Highness wouldn’t be killed without my knowledge.

Seeing no point in arguing, George nodded.

With that, everything should be alright.

I was relieved and sat down on the spot with relief.

That was my first time in 18 years that I had spoken with such a fierce tone. It had me so nervous.

It felt as if I was no longer myself.

…Indeed, I was sure of it. I had changed. Ever since I meeting with His Highness, I was able to act with courage.


Everything was alright.

I should be able to survive that crisis with His Highness.


His Highness and I were detained by soldiers and taken to the basement where the prison was located.

The prison seemed to have the minimum amount of furnishing such as a small bed. However, it was damp, dim, and uncomfortable.

Black iron bars were fitted between it and the corridor.

Soldiers then opened the prison door.


The soldiers pushed me into the cell. I fell to the floor and scrapped my knees.


I involuntarily groaned in pain.

I had been treated like a sinner. Following me, His Highness was also thrown into the prison.

After confirming we were inside, the soldier locked the prison and left.

When I was indignant at the terrible treatment, His Highness gently reached out to me.

“Alisa, are you alright?”

His Highness whispered into my ear.

I looked up at His Highness and held his hand back. His Highness’ large and warm hands surrounded me.

Then, I stood up.

As he stared at me with his blue, jewel-like, eyes, it was as if His Highness was about to cry.

“I’m sorry for everything…”

“It’s not His Highness’ fault. The guilty one is George Prokofieva—the great sinner who tried to assassinate a member of a royal family.”

I made a clear statement.

His Highness wasn’t in the wrong at all.

There was no reason for me to blame him.

“But, I’ve sworn to protect Alisa. Despite that, I couldn’t do anything. Alisa bravely offered her life for me while I did nothing. I hate myself for that…”

“Don’t say that, Your Highness. If I have the courage, it’s because of His Highness. I can risk my life because I want to help you—because you’re by my side.”

I laughed and encouraged His Highness. If His Highness didn’t tell me he need me, I’d have remained my weak self.

His Highness was the one who gave meaning to my life.

However, even after he had heard my words, His Highness’ heart didn’t seem to clear. He remained gloomy.

At that time, I saw something crawling around the floor.

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