The moment that Marquis’ daughter – Euphemia Aiden – meets her fiancé – the Banks’ Kingdom’s first prince – she remembers her previous life. This was the world of a game called “Maiden of the Fairies.”

Further, she was reborn as the villainous, an extremely disturbing character. At this rate, only exile is awaiting her. As Euphemia recalled this, she despaired, but couldn’t resist the tempting and delicious desserts in front of her. She threw one sweet after another into her mouth.

However – fortunately or unfortunately – this attitude seems to have caught the attention of her fiancé, Reginald Banks. In fact, he’s changed his attitude towards her considerably.

“Euphemia-jyou, these sweets are delicious.”

“Your dress is dirty, Euphemia-jyou.”

Reginald takes care of Euphemia, who was supposed to be the villainess. Euphemia, the eccentric nobleman’s daughter, gets caught up in Reginald’s pace.

“What is this? I’m the villainess, right?”

The caretaker Crown Prince (main hero of the game) and reincarnated maiden love fantasy story, where the tricks and plot lines surrounding a villainess are intertwined.

Akuyaku reijō ni tensei shita hazunanoni, fianse (meinhīrō) ni sewa o yaka rete iru nodesuga!?
I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?!

Author: 華宮ルキ
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Provider: Rei

Prologue: The Villainess’ Self-Awareness
Chapter 1: Let’s Organize This Situation
Chapter 2: The Shocking Second Meeting with My Fiancé
Chapter 3: The True Nature of My Fiancé
Chapter 4: Marquis Aiden and His Wife
Chapter 5: Exhaustion and an Invitation from My Fiancé
Chapter 6: A Work Invitation (*Date)
Chapter 7: Regarding the Fairy Festival’s Maiden
Chapter 8: Going to War (*On a Date) With My Fiancé
Chapter 9: The City of Rovigi (Part I)
Chapter 10: The City of Rovigi (Part II)
Chapter 11: The City of Rovigi (Part III)
Chapter 12: The City of Rovigi (Part IV)
Chapter 13: The City of Rovigi (Part V)
Chapter 14: The Otome Game Heroine and the City of Luardi (Part I)
Chapter 15: The Otome Game Heroine and the City of Luardi (Part II)
Chapter 16: The Otome Game Heroine and the City of Luardi (Part III)
Chapter 17: The Otome Game Heroine and the City of Luardi (Part IV)
Chapter 18: The City of Spainage and Blackmail (Part I)