I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! Translation

I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! [Chapter 5]

Chapter Five: Exhaustion and an Invitation from My Fiancé

“Ah! I’m tired!”

“Euphemia-sama, if you have time to laze around then please quickly change your clothes.”

“…Cynthia, you’re the same as ever. I just want to relax a little.”

For three hours I had been interrogated by mother and father. They kept digging for information about my meetings with Reginald-sama until I was exhausted. After already having to keep up appearances in front of Reginald-sama, a tea time for recapping with my parents was just…well, I couldn’t help but be exhausted.

The brownies were delicious though.

“In the first place, it certainly seems like His Highness has his own flights of fancy. There are undoubtedly more proper aristocratic ladies than Euphemia-sama.”

“Yes, I know that well.”

After getting up from the sofa, I asked Cynthia to remove my dress and accessories. That’s right, the Euphemia of this world is a famed ‘eccentric.’ She certainly comes from a prestigious family, but there are many young ladies whose manners are superior to hers. This is especially true among the daughters of the ducal houses; they had young ladies far more proper than her.

…If Reginald didn’t have that personality then surely, he wouldn’t wish for her.

“It’s just as you say, there are many young ladies who are better choices than me…”

“Who said that?”

“But no one other than His Highness, Reginald-sama, can decide.” I sighed as Cynthia untied my hair. She, who had heard me sigh, seemed to have a question mark over her head.

…That’s right. Only he can decide and only he would choose me.

“…Reginald-sama does not seem fond of ‘perfect’ noble ladies. He seems to want someone who isn’t too ‘perfect.’”

“Well, that’s…”

Cynthia’s words confused me. I mean, I already figured, but the Crown Prince of our country shouldn’t have such peculiar tastes in women. In the first place, being Reginald-sama’s wife would mean becoming the Crown Princess. Only those ladies who were closed to perfection should be permitted. People who need to be taken care of, like myself, need not apply.

“That just means that Euphemia-sama is perfectly to His Highness’ tastes. You’re well-known for your eccentricity. You don’t care about appearances and are always focused on eating delicious food. There isn’t another aristocratic young lady that needs to be taken care of to the degree that you do.”


“You walk around the residence in your sleepwear and don’t correct your sleeping habits. Further, your eating habits are also terrible…No one other than me can take care of you anymore.”

“…Hey Cynthia, are you holding a grudge against me, or something? I feel like your words are seriously malicious…”

“That’s not true. There isn’t any malice.”

Ignoring my question, Cynthia heads to the vanity to store the accessories that I had previously been wearing. They are often stored in the vanity drawer. I stared at Cynthia’s back.

“At any rate, if you want to deny it then please learn to be a bit more reliable first. Please correct your personality. Please work hard so you don’t require me to take care of you any further. Please aim to become more educated like the Madam.”

“…I can’t hear you.” I sighed and changed into my nightwear. Yes, fine, she was right. I should refute her only after I become a bit more reliable. I know, I know…but I don’t have any intention of changing myself!

“Oh, that reminds me, Euphemia-sama. While you were having tea with the Master and Madam, a royal courier arrived to deliver a letter. It seems to be from His Highness…”

“Tell me something like that sooner!”

I ran towards Cynthia while yelling, but she just laughed. “Hahaha…”

…Was it perhaps intentional? I really felt it might have been, but Cynthia wasn’t really the kind of maid that played nasty tricks like that. Maybe I really had forgotten. Pondering this, I took the letter that she handed me.

I hurriedly opened the letter. While reading the contents, I felt my face becoming more and more pale.

No, no, Reginald-sama…

We just met today, right? For the next invitation to come so soon…

“Euphemia-sama, what does it say?” Cynthia asked me.

In answer, I rushed towards her and cried: “…I’ve been invited to the royal palace once again?!”

She, who had heard my screams, simply looked surprised for a moment but then immediately smiled and said: “Is that right? Let’s go then, shall we?”