The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

30.1 The Aberrant Overlord Listens to the Winged Ones, and Gets Pressured.

Night of that day.

After leaving Yukino, Lizetta and Haruka in the village chief’s residence, I set off to stay in a different house. Even though I’ve finally found a place to stay, I don’t think Yukino will be able to relax if we were to live together all of a sudden. She reincarnated in this world and then travelled all the way here from the capital, so I’d like to let her take things slowly. Not to mention, Yukino is also my guest here.

I’m currently staying at Lizette’s house. This was the first place I settled down in after coming to this world, but I rarely use it nowadays. Managing the 『barrier』’s magic circle is easier in the village chief’s residence. Also, that place also has more rooms.

So, anyway, today I’ll be on my own for the first time in a long while……

[…… I can’t calm down.]
I mutter such as I drink tea in the living room.

I used to live alone in my previous world, so I should already be used to this. Yet, for some reason, I just can’t calm down. Maybe it’s because ever since I came to this world…… there has always been someone else by my side.

[Well, I’m having guests over today as well, though.]

Right as I say that, there are signs people are outside. Or to be precise, there’s a sound similar to birds flapping their wings.

[King-samaー] [We’ve kept you waitingー]

There are footsteps.

I turn my head and find 2 harpies at the entrance door.

[We’ve returned from our intelligence gathering. I’m Rurui!] [And I’m Roroi!]
Bishu, the harpies extend their wings and bow. 

[Thank you for your hard work. I’ve been expecting you.]
[No, no, no.] [If it’s for King-sama’s sakeー]
[First, take a seat. I’ll pour you some tea.]

I have Rurui and Roroi sit down on some chairs and then head over to the kamado[1]. I boiled some hot water a while ago, but it’s cold now. The fire has also gone out from the firewood. 

Well, I guess it can’t be helped.

[『Dragonkin Awakening』! 『Dragon Breath』!!]


Rurui and Roroi cheer.

With flames produced by my breath’s weakest output, I light the firewood. My 『Dragon Breath』’s firepower can be adjusted by pursing my lips. 『Dragonkin Awakening』 can also be used under survival conditions. Originally, I developed this ability under the assumption that I’d be using it against the 『Enemy of the World』 during sieges, battles of attrition, or possibly even in cold areas.

[….. Seriously, just how formidable of an enemy did the ‘me’ of that time think he’d be fighting against?]

I wait for the water to boil and then brew the tea. I pour the tea into long tipped bowls and mixed it with the now cooled boiled water I had prepared in advance. Harpies are clumsy, so it’s better to give them warm tea to keep them from burning their tongues.
Next…… I still have the chimaki[2] a villager gave to me. I’ll set the ones with boar meat in them on a plate and done.

[A, ano ano.] [Having King-sama preparing these for us, it is uncomfortable.]
[Don’t mind it. This also serves as my meal, too.]

Don’t make light of a 30-something man’s experience in living alone. I’ve got life skills. Cooking doesn’t bother me either.


Rurui and Roroi place the tips of their wings against their tea bowls. As they tilt them, they place their mouths at the end of the spouts and drink the warm tea.

Since harpies have wings instead of arms, they can’t hold bowls. Apparently, they normally place their mouths into a stream and drink directly from there. During formal meals, however, they seem to mind their manners.

…Looks like I learned something new.

[Alright then, go ahead and report the results of your reconnaissance. How do the circumstances of 『Cult of Awakening Contentment』 look?]
[Yes, as you ordered, we have observed their fort from a distance.]

Says Rurui── the long-haired harpy.

[Their fort is located on a small rocky mountain. There are 3 points of interest.]
[From the mountain’s base, there’s a narrow passage that continues straight up it!]

Says Roroi── the harpy whose hair is tied behind her neck.

[There are tents present at the mountain’s base, and about 100 people live there.]
[We have eavesdropped on them. The people on the ground are forcibly conscripted 『peasant soldiers』. Furthermore, they apparently have about 10 distinguished individuals among them. Those 10 have barricaded themselves inside the fort above.]
[We have spied on them. Surrounding everyone on the mountain’s base are disgusting insects. The leaders seem to be using them to threaten the peasant soldiers into obeying them.]
[We couldn’t see the figures of these upper echelons anywhere.]
[We believe that they are either at the top or away.]
[[That concludes our report!!]]

With that said, Rurui and Roroi, pekori, bow.

[[Please brush our wings as our reward!!]]
[Yes, yes.]

I invoked 『Winged-kin Awakening』 and brush the wings of Rurui and Roroi. The 2 of them seem to find it pleasurable and they rub their cheeks against me.

[You’ve given me enough info. Thank you.]

Their fort is located on a rocky mountain near 『Governor Kittle』’s territory. It has 3 points of interest. There are peasant soldiers on the mountain’s base. I’ve heard that the cult has been raiding and burning villages, so chances are those people were conscripted then. The peasant soldiers obey the cultist’s orders because they were threatened by the insects controlled by the cult’s leaders. Seems like they’ll be eaten or killed if they go against those orders.

Also, the leaders within the cult’s fortress consist of ten people. As they can control the peasant soldiers through the insects, they’ve got no need to go near the mountain’s base. Rather, if they were there in person, they might be attacked by enraged peasant soldiers. That might be the reason why they barricaded themselves in the fort.

And, I suppose the fort has an ancient magic circle for creating a 『barrier』. It’s not like we have a particular need to capture the fort, but── if we’re to disable it for the investigation……

[….. Seems like I’ll have to request everyone for help.]
[That’s alrightー][Gladlyー…….. eh, awawa.]


The tea bowl harpy Roroi is drinking from is about to fall.

[Woah there.]
I extend my hand and support the bowl. As I thought, having wings for hands makes it hard to drink.

[Be careful. Here,]
I pick up bowl and carry the spout to Roroi’s lips.

[….. King-sama.]
Roroi’s squishy cheeks redden as gazes my way. She then places her lips to the bowl’s spout and starts drinking.

[1] Kamado – traditional Japanese stove.
[2] Chimaki is a stuffed Chinese rice dish, dumplings, wrapped in bamboo leaves, known as zongzi in Mandarin. It’s not commonly found in Japan except during certain festivals like Children’s Day.

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