I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

71. Sixth Go! (14)

In front of Ally, the angel—the supposed defender of the world—was crying with a runny nose. Abel showed a difficult expression.

In the corner of her heart, Ally concluded that not only was truth stranger than fiction; the grass also wasn’t greener.

Simply put, the world she lived in was ending. Such unexpected words at first felt irrelevant, and hollow—instead of pain, laughter came. Despite so, the moment laughter spilled from her, tears also followed suit.

“Even though until now, we did our best to live…”

She felt terribly disappointed.

What’s wrong with that?!

How do you explain my previous nine lives?!

Even so, she still couldn’t get mad at the angel before her—especially after seeing his tear-stained, haggard, face.

She didn’t know what to do with her boiling emotions—all she wanted to do was roll on the floor. But she couldn’t.

Before she realized it, Ally had already covered her face and was bawling with tremendous force.

“Forgive me…”

Madiroll muttered, guilt bleeding from his voice. Ally cried, gritted her teeth, and shook her head a little.

People weren’t equal. The phenomenon in which a person with higher authority control those below them was a common occurrence, even in a small kingdom such as Orlandia.

Despite understanding such, her chest throbbed in pain—there was nothing she could do about it.

“At first, I acted like it had nothing to do with me—perhaps because at that point in time, I was indignant because I was assigned to a lower realm merely or not having any connections. Saint Mia was originally a resident of an upper world under the direct control of God.”

Madiroll said while stroking Ally’s head.

“We must never question God’s intentions—otherwise, not only would we be deemed guilty, we’d also be chalked as being negligent. I understand your feelings, everything happened due to a small mishap, how outrageous, right? I truly thought nothing would happen as long as Saint Mia enjoyed her dreamlike life—how stupid. Even though the humans of this world are living beings with hearts that can feel pain…”

“That’s true…” Abel sighed deeply and heavily towards Madiroll’s words.

“I intended to fulfil my duty—despite so, my physical strength and energy are limited. Everyday is a struggle. Meanwhile, the angels of the upper realms are too fully immersed in their own interests to properly see what’s going on with this world.”

“Then, what will make you change your mind? After you have entertained the soul of Saint Mia to the fullest, you intended to send her back to the upper realm, right?”

Between her sobbing, Ally could hear Abel’s question.

Madiroll burped vigorously before replying, “Because everyone can see how nonsensical that is.”

He continued. “I can’t explain it well, but life is not something you can repeat, nor stop—it’s a straight road. However, what’s currently going on in this world is abnormal. We have no choice but to resent God who made it clear that we can only return Saint Mia once she has enjoyed all the scenarios she desires.”

“After repeating the same pattern for ten times, you then decided you had enough?”

“That’s right. It’s an unconceivable situation for us, too. When we reset the world, the Duchess Alicia was no longer there, and the crown prince and his entourage was all muscular. It’s uncool of me to make excuses, but I actually heard all the prayers throughout the previous nine lives—finally, said prayer properly took place, and the plot changed. It could be said that we, the divine beings, were beaten.”

Pon-pon. Ally’s head was patted.

She somehow understood the feelings Madiroll was trying to convey.

“Just as the Duchess Alicia has prayed, Crown Prince Maximilian prayed as well—every, single, time. Well, the result of that prayer is this… and I decided to leave it as it is because I deem this is good enough.”

“Inzide, I’m sztill, Alizia, though…”

Due to crying too much, her voice didn’t come out well. When Ally uncovered her face, Madiroll’s slightly annoyed face, and also the gentle expression of Abel, who was holding out a handkerchief, appeared. Indulging in the kindness of the demon king, Ally blew her nose.

“I know that, after all, your soul is still the same. However, the prayers of the Crown Prince, your older brother, and also your friends; ‘Please, save her!’ have come to fruition—you were freed and instead became Baroness Ally.”

“If you shai shomething like that, how am I suhpposed to stop crying…?”

Perhaps because she had been in the muscle festival for a long time, the current situation became too hard for her to comprehend. There were too many unclear points.

Even if she was told all that, she was still unhappy—because she couldn’t do anything; even now, she could do nothing at all! She hated that fact very much!

That’s right, I shall go to the mountains. I shall train myself until Maximilian returns…!

Ally stood up and suddenly made a fierce dash. Due to her swollen eyelids, she slammed onto the wall, despite so, she kept running without the slightest hesitation.

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