I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

72. Last Go!

The splattered sweat glittered like a diamond, while the burning passion was hotter than the sun. Abel and Madiroll, whom started muscle training after being dragged along by Ally, got sick after doing 50 squats.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but for a demon king and a cherub, aren’t you guys too lackluster?”

Unbelievable—when Ally thought so, Madiroll rebutted in a matter of second.

“Isn’t it obvious!? It’s because I usually don’t exercise!! It’s already a habit of mine to drink and work without sleeping for a week!!”

Scornful as usual, Madiroll knelt down. At the same time, Abel also fell on all fours—he seemed to be in pain. Before long, he was sprawled on the soil.

“Most importantly, why do you love to do it outdoors…”

“I don’t hate the concept of iron muscle, but when I have to experience it myself…”

“However, it’s an undeniable fact that these guys had their magical power increased in proportion to their muscles. Maybe the Angels of Light and Apostles of Darkness too, will become stronger if they do muscle training…?”

Madiroll rubbed his furrowing forehead as he glared at Abel.

“Then, why don’t you just try it? If you don’t want to become a fallen angel, how about climbing up the stairs of Heaven, then? That way, you can reform the work environment. The current God is the fighting partner of the exiled ancestors, right? I personally think he has lived too long, hence why he’s so old-fashioned—not to mention, I’ve always felt murderous intention from him. It’d be troublesome if he kicked up a fuss in the Demon Realm.”

“Forgive me for saying this, but isn’t the demon race kind of pathetic? We’re of the same race, you could’ve used healing magic if you wanted to.”

“—Is that so!?”

Ally felt her blood pumping in her flesh as she repeatedly pushed her hips back, then lowered her center of gravity, and stood up without bending her back. Her gaze, which was staring at Abel, must be quite carnivorous.

“I can’t! The current generation of demons is also the fourth generation of the fallen angels! Moreover, I’m not an elite, but a guy who climb up from the bottom to the top—the rank of Demon King!”

“But when I held up the magic stone I received from Abel, both Maximilian and the grandma spirits got well?”

“Huh? That stone shouldn’t have that effect, it’s merely for defensive purpose and casting fascinating magic…”

Not only because of the squats, Ally’s heart began to pound like a bell—

—maybe that was the ray of hope?

Madiroll leaned forward with a curious expression and held Abel’s hand without permission. Abel looked extremely disdainful, but didn’t shook off Madiroll’s hand.

“Oi, Demon King, I can still feel some angelic traces from you? Back then, I already though it was weird, but I was indifferent to humans, and my workplace which dealed with whimsical things, plain sucked. I also have to shoulder that spoiled young lady—the one that responded to the prayer of Duchess Alicia during her final moments, was it you?”

“—Is that so!?”

Ally shouted, raising and lowering her hips over and over again.

“My Master, I think it’d be in the extreme grief of Abel for him to have this reveal while you’re squatting, so do quit it at once.”

To the tsukkomi of Takkun, Ally ended her squats and knelt in front of Abel.

“Really? Abel was that Apostle of Darkness who seemed to be weak and sloppy, who stayed by my side until the bitter end?”

“That ‘weak and sloppy’ part is really unnecessary, thank you very much. As far as Ally’s first life is concerned, it indeed was me. I was curious due to the existence of a world separated from dimension and time… I-I didn’t especially become the Demon King because I felt sorry for you, okay?!”

““Okay… sure.”” To Abel’s sudden tsundere-ness, Ally and Takkun nodded at the same time. Meanwhile, Madiroll burst into laughter—it wasn’t a contemptuous one, but genuine in nature. The atmosphere of the place eased a little.

“Ahahaha! I feel sorry for you, Demon King. At times like this, the person who hears that is supposed to have her heart thumping as she says, ‘Y, you did all that for my sake-!?’ but the person in question is listening while squatting, instead!”

“A, any problems? Besides, you’re a cherub, but your inside is rotten…”

Abel stood up as Ally wondered what happened. The appearance of him folding both hands with a fierce gaze was truly like that of a demon king—wait, he is indeed a demon king…

“Hmm… I feel like I can get it out somehow, but as I thought—it’s impossible. I’m a demon, to demand healing magic out of me, that’s just plain overwhelming…”

“Don’t give up! Never yield! Come on, pull out the memory of when you were still a fetus! That time when those fallen angels ran away, creating catastrophe due to a shortage of manpower and the declining birthrate—become an independent being!”

“The ancestors of demons never ran away! They got banished, dammit! Besides, ever since I was a fetus, I’ve been a genuine fallen angel!”

“For a fallen angel to remember how to cast healing magic—how will Heaven react!? Just imagining their reactions excite me, hyahaha!! I want to see this happen!! Let’s train Abel’s muscles!!”

The angel, who was a supposedly divine being, hugged the demon king by the shoulder…

…Ally had the impression that angels and demons weren’t that different.

Even though Abel seemed moody and frowning, his expression betrayed a slight amount of joy.

***T/N: What is that ringlet angel talking about? It’s a norm to confess your love during building muscle!!!!!!!

…Also, demn, Abel is the classic tsundere? I’m jumping on AbelxAlly ship, you guys. Welcome meh.

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