It’s been a year since I was transported into another world. After being officially dubbed as “useless,” I was thrown out of the royal palace…is what should have happened.

(Note: The hero is a grandfather.)

The Best is Saved for Last

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Author: みえすく(日向そら)
Provider: Rei

Main Story
1. Well, There Are Times Like This
2. Wonderful ○○○-sama 
3. The Idea Behind a Race
4. The King of Sexual Harassment
5. A Secret Confession
6. I Opened an Unknown Door (In Many Ways) 
7. All’s Well That Ends Well

Side Story 1
8. My Lord, I’m Confused (Part 1)
9. My Lord, I’m Confused (Part 2)
10. My Lord, I’m Confused (Part 3)
11. My Lord, I’m Confused (Part 4) R18

12. And They Lived Happily Ever After
13. The Puppy, Nako, and Her Husband