The Best is Saved for Last Translation

The Best is Saved for Last [Chapter 11]

Chapter Eleven: My Lord, I’m Confused (Part 4) R18

The bells rang.

Fluttering colorful petals danced in celebration for the future of the two.

The bride standing next to me was so beautiful and radiant that I couldn’t even speak… It was like a dream.

In truth, I probably shouldn’t have taken her hand. If I really wanted her to be happy, I should have gently pushed back the palm of her hand and convinced her to be with someone her age.

I knew that, but I still couldn’t take my eyes off her sincere actions, words, and thoughts.

Since I couldn’t let you go, at the least…

I will spend the rest of my life preparing a place where you won’t ever be lonely, a place where you can feel at ease and free of worries. That would be the best thing I could do for you… In the remainder of my short life.

The two of us walked through the middle, congratulated by familiar faces.

Behind the priest, the statue of the goddess who was said to have created the world looked down at us with compassionate and calm eyes that seemed to understand everything.

…Nako will probably cry when I die.

Whenever I thought of the not-so-distant future, my heart would ache as if it were creaking endlessly.

If there really was a God…

May I be permitted to spend as much time with her as possible.

The earl, as he kissed his bride’s forehead, hoped as much.

“My lord, Miss Naco is ready for you.”

In situations like this, his lack of expression was a saving grace. The earl stood up in preparation. Maria, whom he ordered to signal him for, carried the same air as usual.

I crossed a corridor that felt both short and long. Relief showered over me when I received a reply after knocking on the door of our marital bedroom.

“Miss Nako, are you awake?”

When I asked her that without trying to show much of my inner thoughts… Nako, grabbing the hem of her short nightgown, nodded. She was on the sofa.

Her reddish cheeks reassured me that she had prepared… Especially for me… I called her name again.

As I sat down on the bed, I heard a creaking sound that echoed throughout the room. I saw Nako’s slim shoulders shaking a little.

She looked at me with moist eyes… I smiled reassuringly, suppressing the emotions that were welling up inside me. Slowly, I raised my hands and whispered as softly as I could…

“Come here.”

Nako’s steps were slow, perhaps because she was embarrassed.

I was tempted to just pick her up and hug her… But if possible… I wanted Nako herself to come to me… So I’m sure she was ready to be loved.

When Nako’s figure was finally in front of me, I scooped her up and placed her on my lap.

The faint candlelight illuminated the lines of her breasts and waist. Because she was sitting, the usual height difference made no difference… Her small face was close to mine.

“May I hold you?”

Even I could tell, by my voice, that I was laced with lust.

The earl was aware that his words sounded like an excuse, but he just repeated them in response to Nako’s troubled, happy, and complicated expression.

“Like I said before… We could just settle for having a white marriage. But the truth is…”

I gently held her close to my chest. There was no resistance. There were only sweet and small intakes of breath.

“My… Lord…”

The name she called as she panted sweetly stirred my heart.

“But you’re just too charming.”

I wasn’t sure if I was saying it right, but I believe that you’ll be able to understand.

I kissed and bit at her soft skin as her arms wrapped around my neck.

“I’m grateful… My lord…”

Her sweet permission came in the form of a tiny little whisper.

She was so cute that I naturally broke into a smile.

“You’re lovely.”

I lifted her into my arms, placing her on my lap again… Gracefully displaying her short nightgown with her fresh snow-like thighs underneath.


I could feel the swelling on Nako’s plump chest, so on the same side, I bit down on her neck to keep the balance. Her slightly heated breath tickled my ear.

I slipped her nightgown off her shoulders, enjoying the feel of the smooth texture of her back, which was now completely exposed. When I pressed my lips on her slender shoulder, Nako shivered slightly; the tips of my short beard tickled her.

When she hugged him tightly, she seemed as cute as a puppy pawing at the earl.

He stroked her back repeatedly as if to appease her. When she finally relaxed, he slid his hand underneath her, wrapping his large hand completely around her small buttocks. The earl raised the edge of his lips slightly at the small but still mature female body.

Whenever the earl’s large hands slowly squeezed, Nako’s small body would sway slightly in response. The gesture was so cute that he kept repeating his actions repeatedly. However, suddenly, a slightly resentful voice sounded up, mixing with their breathing.

“Not… My butt…”

As if to stop him, Nako removed her arms from his neck, placed her own hands on top of the earl’s. A gap was created between the two of them, which had been tightly bound together just a second ago. The nightgown that had fallen from her shoulders to her arms followed gravity, completely falling to her stomach.

The center of her breasts, large for her size, was a pale pink… As if to indicate her innocence… The tips, however, were faintly assertive, responding well to stimulus.

“Ahhh… Yaaa…”

He gently pressed on Nako’s arms as she tried to cover her exposed self. He pressed his mouth into the valley of her breasts, drawing breath, engraving a strong mark of possession so deep that it could be recognized even in the dark. Although satisfied with the depths of the bruised color, he trailed more marks on her… From her weakened hands to her arm.

“Fuuu… Ahhh…”

A young body was ultimately more rigid. If I held her as much as I wanted, it would probably only cause pain. However, I wanted to let her, who had no experience, drown in pleasure as sweetly as possible… So that she wouldn’t have to suffer the pain of her first time.

This is just a pretext.

No matter how much he tried to put it, he had a dark desire to defile her innocence. That was an unavoidable fact that even he cannot be denied.

This is stupid.

Even though I am aware of my sinfulness, I can’t stop my hand from moving any further.

At the very least… Until the moment my life fades away… I will love and cherish Nako with all my being.

So, please…

I want you to accept me… Along with these awful feelings and desires.

“Ngh… Ahhh… Waaah…”

As I rolled the tip of her fully erect nipples with my tongue, I looked over to the bedside to see the small light blue bottle ready there.

It was a finely crafted bottle, but judging from the faint bluish-purple color, it was probably a lubricant containing a small amount of aphrodisiac. The color reminded me of the emptiness I used to feel after the momentary pleasures of war when I was younger. After a big battle, the women from the red district were being forcibly taken away for them not to fight among themselves due to their uncontrollable elation. I don’t remember the faces of any of them now. My friends from that time who laughed at each other’s crude jokes have already scattered after the war.

…Which way things could have gone, it would have been difficult to tell.

The earl was aware of the maids’ hesitation. However, he was afraid to say anything about it, and he wasn’t able to at all in the end.

He laughed bitterly and praised the maids for their efforts, but the earl did not reach for it and instead took out an amber bottle from his pocket.

In addition to the age difference, Nako and I had a significant difference in physique. Even without thinking about it, I knew that she would have a hard time accepting me.

However, even if we won’t be able to go all the way today, I would rather have her get used to it. I had prepared a medicinal lubricant that’s made from honey extract. It’s been found to have healing effects that are safe for internal use. I chose it since Nako loved it. I thought it would help her accept me without resistance… Since it’s her first time.

When I opened the lid, a sweet scent wafted through the air. I dipped my fingers and held it over Nako’s mouth.

“Miss Nako, open your mouth.”

“Ngh… Ahn… Ho…ney?”

She muttered this in a tone that sounded like a young child with a lisp.

It’s also what women put on their lips when they want a glossy finish. It’s a taste she’s used to, but she preferred to spread it on her breakfast bread.

“Yes, isn’t it sweet?”


Her red tongue moved through my fingertips… The way her tongue chased and licked the nectar from my hand was so lewd that it made me shudder.

I give up…

Even though I’m old enough and confident with my patience… This was the only thing that gave me the sweetest sensation of losing all reason.

I inserted my index and middle finger into Nako’s mouth. She licked at them absentmindedly, with a look of euphoria on her face. The saliva that she couldn’t swallow in time began to flow from the sides of her mouth… I couldn’t help but follow it with my tongue, licking it all off.

“Does it taste that good…?”

I chuckled, looking at the fingers that had been licked off clean in the blink of an eye. When I pulled it away from her mouth, her tongue followed. He tilted his head to catch her with his lips; the wet sound of their tongues intertwining echoed throughout the room. Meanwhile, behind Nako’s back, he tilted the bottle, dripping it onto his hand, lightly rubbing his fingers together to warm it up.

She made a kitten-like gesture when I slid my fingers underneath her hips and stroked her from behind. I grazed my fingertips outside her own honeypot.

“Ahhh… Uaaah… Oooh…”

She reflexively turned her head, so I held onto her waist as she was about to fall because of the sudden movement. I slowly glided my fingers up and down, kissing her neck to distract her.

I slid the tip of my middle finger inside in a modest but already rigid and pointed manner.

“You have an honest body.”

I was delighted to see that she had already mentally prepared to accept me healthily.

In an attempt to loosen her tense body, I kissed just as much as I touched her. The only motion my fingers did were gentle strokes to open her up slowly. A sweet voice escaped with her breath as Nako’s hips began to move by themselves… Slightly, as if she were begging for me to hurry along.

“Isn’t this enough?”

The medicine, my hand, and her whispered whimpers beside my ear.


She protested by squeezing my hand.

She let out a cute voice as I muttered those words, playing with her slippery insides, pushing at the inner walls with my finger.


“…Do you like this?”

I pinched her clit between my fingertips, carefully rubbing it to make sure she didn’t get hurt.

I stroked her a little harder as her voice became sweeter… And soon, Nako reached a high pitch.

Her breathing became ragged… So did mine. I couldn’t bring myself to look away from the pained yet ecstatic expression on her face.


Her body relaxed with a sigh. I stroked her slightly sweaty back and waited for her to calm down.

Nako, who seemed to have calmed down a little, looked up at the earl with still moist eyes, opening her reddened lips.

“…My lord, please take off your clothes, too.”

“I don’t think it’s going to be pleasant to see.”

The earl’s expression faltered at the adorable request, so he hesitantly took off his robe. He was still training his sword to a certain extent, so he had a good amount of muscle, but it was not as taut as a young man’s… He also had some scars gotten from the gruesome battlefields he overcame.

Nako slowly rested her hand on the earl’s chest. Holding onto the little patience he still had, the earl swallowed his breath, which was about to leak out, with only a twitch of his eyebrows to show for his crumbling endurance.

“Your heart… is pounding fast, my lord.”

…That was an adorable thing to say.

“I suppose so. It’s because I’m doing something obscene to such a pretty girl like you.”

As I finished my sentence, with a bit of room to spare, Nako looked down to hide her cheeks that had turned red.

“My lord, you’re surprisingly more ecchi than you realize.”

“What does ecchi mean…?”

When I took the lightly colored part of her breast into my mouth, she let out a cute squeal, hugging my head in retaliation.

“That… Something like that is… Nghn…”

Continuing his mischief on her breasts, he slid his hand down again to stroke around her lewd regions.

“Waaah… Nnn… Ahhh… Ohhh…”

He poured another drizzle of honey, but this time, it was on her hot and lustful but still tight hole. Her body jerked violently.

It made me happy that she clung to me as if I were the only one keeping her from floating off elsewhere. Her body was in a perfect position that her entire body was in contact with mine. However, if we were to keep going like this, her body would hurt…

The earl thought about it. While holding Nako’s body, he turned around and laid her down while he was on his knees on the bed.

The coldness of the sheets made Nako’s eyes water with fright. She reached out her arms to his shoulder again. He kissed her in response, stroking her body as his other hand teased her nipples, making them firm and erect.

“Nnn… Ngn… Yaaa… Ahhh… Hng…”

Whenever I licked the lightly colored part of her breasts with my tongue, I kept hearing her sweet voice shake incessantly. That seems to be her weak spot.

I wanted to keep listening, so I replaced my tongue with my fingers and continued to caress, nuzzle, and stroke her thighs. I slowly brought her knees up as I slid my body lower.

I started on her knee, then up to her hip bone, slowly trailing kisses until I reached the base of her womanhood.

It smelled like sweet ripe fruit and honey. I licked her clit and sucked on it lightly… Her thin and slender hips jumped up as if she were a fish out of water.

I slid my finger inside her again… When I thrust in, her hole accepted my finger more swiftly than before.

“Yaaa… My stomach…feels strange… Hng…”

“Strange, huh?”

Her ignorant choice of words, due to her lack of experience, filled me with a strong feeling of desire and love.

“It’s called pleasure.”

As he said that, he scratched at the part that had been tightening up especially hard, making Nako scream out loud, reaching up to cling to him again.

I slowly and carefully increased the number of fingers while watching her reactions… Finally, she cried out, not like a child, but a full-fledged woman. The noises that reverberated off her were not from the pain but from the unknown, deep pleasure she was experiencing for the first time.

“Please… Don’t cry… You know fully well that I become weak when you cry…”

Nako laid on the sheets, completely limp… I wondered if I should just let her sleep.

However, my body, agitated by Nako’s lasciviousness, could no longer stay still.

Despite more than 15 years of it, I may still lack training…

Nako’s body twitched and reacted when I stroked her back, welcoming the pleasant sensations.

“It may hurt a little, but… It’ll be fine. You’ll feel good soon.”

I whispered this to the dazed Nako in the hopes of soothing her further.

“Ngn… Nnn… Fuuu… Ahhh…”

I sprinkled the rest of the medicine on my painfully hard member, making sure to apply a lot on the tip… As soon as I entered, I heard a lewd sound coming from Nako.

“Yaaa… Ahhh… Oh… Ah! Ahhh!”

I held her body down a little as she instinctively slid up to avoid further penetration. I ran my tongue over the mark I left on her breasts, making sure to linger on her nipples. I held her thighs with my left hand and shifted my fingers from the slightly connected part of her thighs, rubbing her clit between them.

“Ahhh… Fuaaa… Ahn… Yaaa… Ahhh… Ohhh…”

And then, just as she was about to reach her climax, he penetrated her at once.


He bit his lip to contain a scream as the inside of Nako tightened to the point where it hurt. As the sound passed, he bit harder to maintain his breathing that sounded like a ragged beast out for prey.

Still waiting for the waves of intense pleasure to pass, I looked at Nako’s face to see how much pain she was under. It would appear as though she was unconscious if not for her tightly knit eyebrows, scrunching up from the pain.

“Miss Nako… Nako?”

The earl sighed a little as he pondered for a moment what to do about Nako, who didn’t even react when he stroked her cheek.

I let my lips fall to her forehead in the hopes that her furrowed brows would unravel. I pulled myself back up at once, resisting the urge to move my hips as much, as hard, and as deep as I wanted.


The voice I couldn’t hold back leaked out.

However, when he smelled the faint scent of blood mixed with the sweet smell of honey, his sense of reason returned completely.

He spread her loose knees and looked down to see if he had hurt her more than what was natural… But she just twitched in response, seemingly to invite him in. The earl held his moan in the back of his throat; his alter growing tighter and more fierce.

Even so, he couldn’t make himself do anything further to the now unconscious Nako.

“…Thank you for your hard work and endurance. I’ll be better next time.”

He prepared hot water, wiping Nako’s body himself. Afterward, he fell asleep next to her, but not before dealing with his uncontrollable urges by himself in the bathroom.

It would take a few more hours before the earl’s wish would be granted… Albeit in a slightly different sense.