I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

2. Faced with a Stranger

Among the various magical properties that existed, women were considered to possess vitality and healing powers.

It was said to be an uncommon ability, and that it could cure very minor illnesses.

Hence, women who were powerful enough to revive the dead were sometimes given the title of ‘Saint’ by the kingdom, and they were protected with great care.

“I suddenly recalled something weird.”

In a spacious room, alone, Charlotte deliberately said that out loud.

After splendidly breaking her heart, Oswald, Charlotte’s “husband”, hurried out of the room.

“Please wait, Oswald! One more thing! Your age! Please tell me your age!”

“What’s wrong with you!? …I’m twenty!! Let go of me, now!”

She recalled Oswald’s grim expression the moment he said that.

He still politely answered me, and he doesn’t seem to have understand the meaning either…


Suppressing her joy, she looked to the mirror stand.

A girl about 18-years-old was reflected.

Long, moon-colored, hair swayed around her waist. Her eyes were round and surrounded by long eyelashes. Her lips were both fluffy and soft.

Her limbs, which peeked through her nightwear, were slender. Her long nails were neatly arranged.

Her chest appeared to be of reasonable size.

I’m not sure if this is to Oswald’s liking, though.

So, I’m… the ‘Saint’?

As she was clueless to the matter, even the notion itself sounded foreign.

She was more inclined to think about the other information that she had obtained.

…I’m his wife…

It was as if the inside of her mouth had melted.

She pressed her cheeks with her hands for they felt as if they were about to melt away—

—Mugyu, mugyu…

Nfu, nfufufufu…I can’t remember anything, but I think I can live well just knowing this fact.”

Even if her husband outright stated he loathed her.

Sad, but I don’t have to be depressed because I can’t remember anything.

With her pale, light blue eyes, she looked straight into the mirror—

I have nothing to lose.

With that in mind, she felt like she could do anything.

With that in mind, the only option I have left is to act! If I have somehow inconvenience Oswald, I have to remember it. Then, I will apologize to him!

However, twisting her head was unlikely to restore her memory.

While she was worrying, she heard a knock from the door.

“…E, excuse me…”

“? You may come in!”

She didn’t think she’d have a guest. As such, she was both surprised and happy.

After a few seconds, the door slowly opened.

There stood a petite girl wearing a maid-like dress.

“I brought you breakfast…”


Hearing her words, Charlotte realized that she was hungry.

“Thank you, it smells very good.”

But what was worrisome was that the maid girl standing beside her was trembling.

“What happened? It looks as though you feel ill…”


When Charlotte took a step towards her, the girl’s shoulders jumped from shock.

“…M, my utmost apologies…”

“Your face is a deep blue. If you’d like, you may use the bed here? And water—oh!”

At that moment, a loud noise could be heard from Charlotte’s stomach.


Her stomach had rumbled.

It seemed that her hunger, which she wasn’t aware of, was actually serious. Charlotte squeezed her stomach with her hands and spoke with some embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that! But rather than my hunger, I want to make sure you get some rest…!”

“I’m sorr—y…”


The maid withdrew as she squeezed out those words.


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