The Villainess who Only Had 100 Days to Live Had Fun Every Day Translation

24. I Shall Enjoy These Wonderful Consecutive Days Off (4)

Lumiere was a baron. The Horus’ family was a count’s family. Counts were superior to barons. As Horus was the second son, he most likely wouldn’t be the next head of his family. Nevertheless, if Lumiere were to marry Horus, it’d mean marrying into a higher-ranking family. That’d be an ideal marriage for Baron Alban. It wasn’t something that could be described as a mere bargain.

Lumiere must had understood that as well.

“L-l-lord Horrrus…. g-grats for turning 13-years-old, a-also thanks for inviting me to such a flowery party, it’s so cuute…”

Hey, Lumiere.

I applaud your spirit to practice until the last moment, but didn’t we practice this line over and over?

Both her expression and voice were terrible.

Lumiere, who performed far below my standard, kept practicing next to me. She pretended that I wasn’t there.

However, she couldn’t express the greeting smoothly.

I immediately pulled her back when I saw someone rushing towards her. Then, I steped forward.

“What the!?”

I couldn’t believe she was foolish enough to scream.

I’d scold her later. For now, I had to confirm the damage. As expected, juice had been spilled on my clothes. I was glad I wore something cheap.

I concealed the relief I felt and looked up.

What a great time for my garments to be soiled, especially considering we were about to greet the protagonist of the party.

“What a capable servant, Lady Lumiere. After seeing how cute your escort is, I thought you were babysitting.”

“Oh my, you were protected by a child?”

My classmates were the ones who suddenly made those sarcastic remarks. They didn’t even bother to greet us.

Of course it’d be the Duchess of Fable, Lala, and the Countess of Media, Remel.

There was no way they wouldn’t attend. After all, this was Countess Media’s house.

They were wearing similar dresses yet again. They were trendy yellow dresses. I wouldn’t say the dresses didn’t look good as they both had pale brown hair. Still, it was too mediocre.

Well, as a servant, I had no reason to praise them. However, a certain person who should had greeted them, on the other hand…

“—Are you okay!? Oh my, we have to clean this, wipe, a wipe…”

“Calm down, Ms. Lumiere.”

When I stared at Lumiere, she trembled a little. After facing them a little awkwardly, she bowed to them.

“Good day to you Lala, Media. Happy birthday to your little brother. Later, then…!”

Too stiff, too stiff, too stiff!

Besides, why are you saying goodbye to them so early!?

Talk to them! About the weather, their dresses, anything…!

Well, at least, Lumiere was still better than those who didn’t say a word of apology despite having spilled their drinks.

As expected, the two wouldn’t let us go.

“Hold on? I want to apologize to that cute servant. Would you like some sweets? What do you say, Ms. Lumiere?”

“These sweets are my favorite, why don’t you try them?”

They’re telling us to eat some dessert despite having not greeted the protagonist?

I saw them carefully place two cookies with red jam on top of a small plate.

What kind of jam is that?

“Don’t hesitate.”

The duchess and the countess definitely weren’t well-intentioned in the slightest.

Despite that, I knew that Lumiere wasn’t that fragile. Despite her slight quivering, after glancing at me, she gulped and tried to reach for the cookie. The venue grew noisy.

“Allow me to taste it.”

An arm extended from the side and grabbed a cookie without hesitation. The beautiful young man carried the cookie to his mouth as it was. The man, whose blond hair shone amidst the glistening hall, shook for a moment. His temple and forehead started sweating, but his facial expression didn’t change in the slightest. He smiled gracefully and thanked the ladies.

“Forgive me for the suddenness. Since I had come in a hurry, I was famished. Even so, it had quite the unique taste. However, as it’s Ms. Remel’s favorite type of dessert, I will remember it.”

“A, a, aah…”

The three ladies were stupefied by the sudden appearance of the first prince, His Highness Sazanjill. Who was the third lady? Of course, it was Lumiere. Before calling out to his lover, he called out to me.

“By the way, you’re wearing a very unusual dress tonight. Is that the trend, now?”

“…Good day, Your Highness. Would you like me to repeat my greeting?”

Although I couldn’t spread my skirt due to my current attire, His Highness Sazanjill grimaced at me, at my trousers.

“Forgive me, Lelouche…”

He then spoke my name. Two small screams overlapped. Then, I showed my perfect, lady-like, smile.

“As I was shocked due to the appearance of His Highness, my greeting was delayed. Good day, Ms. Lala, Ms. Media. I’m honored at being praised for being cute. That’s right, I was starting to bore of these unfamiliar clothes. Thank you for your patience, and for your delicious cookies.”

When I tried to reach for the plate, it was removed at a ridiculous speed. Leaving only a small apology, the two fled in a hurry.

When I exhaled and looked around, true enough, I was the center of the attention. After all, the sweaty first prince was in a hurry to drink a glass of water.

I stared at him, whose small, red, tongue stuck out.

How spicy. That was my first time tasting something so hot.”

“That’s because you tried to do something you usually don’t. Ms. Lumiere, will you wipe His Highness’ sweat?”

When I took out a handkerchief from under my jacket, Lumiere looked very confused.


It’s because my clothes are soiled…

Therefore, please help him and let me leave.

Now that her true escort—and not to mention, the prince—had arrived, there was no longer any need for me to stay, right?

In the first place, I was dressed like that to discipline those two ladies. My goal had been fulfilled.

That was why—I wanted to leave—

why does she look so withdrawn?


The one who said that was Sazanjill. After eating that malicious dessert, he was able to laugh calmly. But as of the present, he looked a little angry and very impatient.

“Wait, I have a lot of things I want to say to you!”

“…This is Horus’ birthday party. With how I am dressed, I’d like to withdraw. Could you please relay my congratulatory message, instead?”

“I came here because you were attending.”

“Such uncouth words, no matter how uncivilized you are, that’s—”

“—The same goes for you who attended in a male attire.”

That was right. Involuntarily, I concealed my mouth.

“Hence, I’d like to withdraw as soon as possible.”

I thanked him while placing over my hand on my chest like a butler.

Then, I hurriedly made myself scarce. I regretted tying my hair in a ponytail. I wished I had styled my hair in a way that could conceal my face better.

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