The Villainess who Only Had 100 Days to Live Had Fun Every Day Translation

25. I Shall Enjoy These Wonderful Consecutive Days Off (5)

However, my ponytail was unexpectedly grabbed.

“Hold on, Lelouche.”

I had left the mansion and was trying to wait in the courtyard for my carriage to arrive.

A classmate who resembled the prince who had just earlier eaten the spicy cookie held my arm.

“What happened, Your Highness Zafield?”

“…No matter how you think about it, isn’t it dangerous to be alone in a place like this?”

“It’s alright. There are guards.”

Despite it being nighttime, the stars and the mansion served as light sources. The visibility was well-maintained near the fountain. I couldn’t say how many, but I knew knights were there.

Not to mention, that day wasn’t the day I was destined to die. As such, I didn’t think anything strange would happen.

But His Highness Zafield refused let go.

I forcibly raised the corners of my mouth.

“Your Highness, did you see my physical performance earlier? I brilliantly protected Lumiere—that was thanks to your guidance!”

“…Then, are you saying that you want to cease training because your efforts have been paid off?”

“I wish to remain your disciple for a little longer.”

As soon as I bowed, His Highness finally let go of my arm. He was scratching his head, instead.

“I’m sorry for being dismissive, but do you want to protect my brother so badly?”

“I will refrain from replying.”

Although, always practicing swordsmanship merely because of that it wasn’t necessary.

Ever since I heard the future from god, I had been behaving quite recklessly. If not because I was aware of my time limit, I probably wouldn’t have resorted to crossdressing in the first place. After all, I’d just tarnish my family name at the first mistake.

Regardless, if rumors of what had taken place that night were to spread, the folly of Count Remel and his daughters to the crown prince would also spread. 

I could only pray that Count Remel and the others would put up a gag order.

I felt sorry for Horus.

Shall I secretly send him a list of recommended ladies later?

Well, setting that aside—

—His Highness seemed to be glancing at me. But as he played with his own coat, he seemed to be pondering something.

What is it?

I would be free until my carriage arrived —therefore, let’s ask him.

“What does Your Highness intend to do?”

“…Had you been wearing a dress, I’d have lent you my coat without hesitation. But I wonder what should I do when you’re dressed in such an outfit.”

Ah, perhaps because he saw that my outfit has gotten soiled.

It certainly felt a little cold—but only around my chest. As expected, only my coat got wet.

So, I smiled.

“I’m sorry for the trouble, but your mere sentiments will suffice for me. I don’t want Your Highness’ clothes to get dirty.”

“I don’t care about that.”

Sighing, His Highness pointed to a nearby bench. It wasn’t like I could go against his words, so I sat down. “Excuse me.” As I sat down, His Highness Zafield sighed once again.

Thus, I suggested.

“If you’re unoccupied, we can train here?”

“…Are you stupid?”

“Don’t mock me with such a straight face—I’m a little hurt.”

This was someone else’s residence, so there was no way I actually meant it. I also wondered if puppy-like eyes would work against him—

—Haha, look at me…

As I tried to fake crying, His Highness sighed three times.

It’s a little awkward, isn’t it?

While quietly looking up at the sky, we talked.

“Is it okay to not greet your brother?”

“…I didn’t come to see my brother.”

“Then, what about congratulating Horus? Just dismissing him like that would be pitiful. After all, he’s still the lead of the party.”

I felt sorry for being the main culprit of the commotion, but I’d do something about it later.

Then, His Highness Zafield said.

“I also wanted to meet Lelouche.”

“Oh my, I’m quite popular.”

To the serious His Highness, I uttered that casual joke.

But His Highness wasn’t amused.

“I like you.”

…He said that kind of thing the other day.

However, I was still the fiancée of his brother, His Highness Sazanjill. As such, I pretended to not to hear him and didn’t even look his way.

Nevertheless, His Highness grabbed my shoulders and forced me to face him.

“I’m serious. I’ve always liked you, Lelouche.”

His Highness looked as if he was about to cry.

“So please, would you marry me? For that to happen…. I’ll do anything.”

“You jest.”

I snorted at his plea. My reaction seemed to incited His Highness’ anger.

“Like I said, I’m serious! Let’s speak to my father about my older brother’s repeated infidelity! Then… I might be able to succeed the throne. If that happens, you won’t have to step down from the role of the future queen!?”

“My, such a funny joke… Then, let me ask, what if a rebellion happens?”

The moment I gave such a quiet piece of advice while laughing, His Highness became silent. At first glance, there was no one around us. The sound of the fountain was loud, but in the unlikely event that those suspicion words were deemed unacceptable—

—Suddenly, I recalled god’s advice.

—As long as it was with moderation, would it be alright for me to spoil myself?

It was just the matter of telling His Majesty the King.

Even so, I wanted to spoil myself under the category ‘friends’ or ‘brother-in-law’…

Anyway, receiving another opportunity to start a relationship in 30 days was unlikely.

Accepting his favor might not be a bad option.

Something that I had never experienced before. The sweet feelings ordinary girls could experience.

Even if I were to decide to go through with it, no one would be able to blame me in the end—

—However, I—

“—Hey, Your Highness Zafield.”

Towards His Highness Zafield. Towards Lumiere.

—Also, towards a certain god that I had gotten familiar with—

—I wanted to live beautifully without any shame until the end.

“Do you recognize this handwriting?”

What I brought out was the letter threatening Lumiere. The writing had a strong accent, something which tended to belong to men. After all, they didn’t practice their handwriting as much as the ladies because they preferred to be masculine.

His Highness Zafield narrowed his eyes for a moment before gently shaking his head.

“…I have no clue.”

“Then, one more thing—what happened to me near the staircases about 72 days ago?”

“That’s really specific.”

That was right. Because I had been counting them in the morning, the day, the night, and before going to bed.

However, His Highness only tilted his head.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t remember.”

“Is that so.”

When I lowered my gaze, I heard a voice from a real butler saying, “Lady Elcage.”

Apparently, my carriage had arrived. I stood up and smiled gracefully.

“Then, I’m sorry to hear that… I’d like to see you again during lunch for training tomorrow.”

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