I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

4. I’ll Keep it a Secret from my Husband

“I already told you to not do anything… why did you use your sacred power?”

Then, the light that came from the diary was divine power?

Oswald grabbed Charlotte’s arm, the one restrained by the cuff of ice.

She realized that depending on her response, she’d be killed.

However, it might be unavoidable.

What came to mind was the scene that she saw in the projection earlier.

“Oswald, have I ever used the power of the saint for misdeeds?”

“…That’s—what are you…”

Oswald’s voice was bleeding with a cold, and profound, disgust.

Then, the scene I saw earlier… that was a record of what actually happened?

In the past, ‘Charlotte’ had confronted him.

Most likely, Oswald was a powerful magician.

After all, he was definitely the one who froze the room in an instant.

What was more, even though he was away, he was able to teleport in an instant.

If I’m the ‘Peerless Saint’, and that earlier scene happened, than I’m a very wicked person…

…Then, Oswald might be the one who can face me… maybe…

Hence, he was forced to marry Charlotte so he could keep an eye on her.

A saint is a person with high status. Speaking of the someone who can arrange her marriage—was he ordered by the king, or someone of the same rank?


In that case, Oswald is surely a magician who serves the kingdom… or a nobleman who’s close to the royal family… Oh, right—

“—Hey, Charlotte…”

After she had organized her thoughts, Charlotte finally reached her limit—

“—Oh my god, Oswald, you’re too handsome…!”


Well-shaped eyebrows. Sleek eyes. Long eyelashes. His frowning expression, which was directed at Charlotte, could be said to be both misleading and sexy.

As she continued to look at his appearance, her head was dazzled.

“Sorry, Oswald, can you please move a little further away…? If that’s not possible, you may move closer, instead…!”

“What are you talking about…!?”

He released Charlotte’s hand, and took a step back. Charlotte secretly rubbed her chest in relief.

Oswald spoke iwithn a cautious tone after watching at Charlotte.

“…A treacherous woman like you, it seems you have begun acting like you’ve repented.”

The way he’s phrasing it… It seems that I had indeed done some misdeeds.

In fact, she was sure that she had done something really terrible.

From the projection she had seen earlier, a lot of people were crying. Despite fearing and hating ‘Charlotte’, they had no choice but to beg Charlotte to help their loved ones.


‘Charlotte’ reveled in the misery of those people. She even laughed.

Despite that, Oswald doesn’t know that I’ve lost my memory…

Speaking of which, would Oswald believe that she had amnesia and stop treating her coldly?

Imagining that, she smiled.

Oswald seemed uncomfortable, but said nothing.

“I’m sorry, Oswald.”

Charlotte uttered a formal apology.

“I’m not used to living without divine power.”


Actually, no matter how much she searched through her memories, she couldn’t recall how to use said power.

However, she’d refrain from saying that.

Even if I’ve lost my memories, that doesn’t mean that my past mistakes have been erased. I can’t just say, ‘I don’t remember,’ and escape from my responsibilities…

She closed her eyes and put her index finger in front of her lips.

For me to refrain from disclosing such a thing to my husband… I might be considered a bad wife.

Having decided, she stared at Oswald and smiled lightly.

Regardless—I’ll hide the fact that I’ve lost my memories.

At that moment, she swore Oswald’s eyes widened for a moment.

The fact remained that Charlotte was guilty.

Whether she remembered it or not, that fact alone wouldn’t change. Then, Charlotte should fulfill her responsibilities the same way Oswald promised that he’d fulfill his responsibilities as her husband.

“Will Oswald be going to work after this?”

“…It’s no use trying to keep track of my schedule and escape surveillance. His Majesty has made dealing with you my highest priority.”

As expected, the whole ‘marriage’ thing was arranged by the king.

“Of course, I’m fully aware of that.” Charlotte nodded, her one of expression understanding.

“Then, I’ll behave while you go to work. I will be a very, very, good child. As a good wife, I promise that I’ll be my best self!”

“…The fact that you have to emphasize that only makes me even more suspicious.”

“Well then tell me how I may be of help while you’re away.”

When I told him that, Oswald sharply gazed at me.

“What are you planning?”

“My…!! Even your angry face is hot…!!”

“Oi, listen to what I’m saying.”

When I was reeling from his beauty, I started feeling really cold.


When Charlotte sneezed, Oswald glanced at her face.

…She felt regretful at showing such a pathetic side of herself to him.

She was wondering why it felt so cold—but it was only natural.

After all, her entire room was frozen. Her wrist was fitted with an ice fetter, and she was wearing a thin nightdress.

Oswald seemed to have realized that as well.

“…Tch, dammit.”

After clicking his tongue, Oswald removed his cloak.

He draped the blue cloak around Charlotte’s shoulders.

Charlotte was shocked. During that time, Oswald whispered a chant and the ice disappeared accordingly.

“…How warm.”

As she snuggled within his cloak, she smiled with joy.

“Thank you, Oswald.”

“If your physical strength is weakened, your divine power will be depleted. Who knows what will happen.”

“Oh, I also love that rational side of you…!!”

She swooned while he was utterly confounded.

That expression of his is also cool!

“I’m going. Listen, stay put.”

If requests that of me in such a fleeting voice…

Her chest was fluttering. Oswald then stepped onto the magic circle that had appeared rather than using the door.

“Have a safe trip, my husband.”

Charlotte waved at his back which disappeared in an instant.

“Argh! My husband is still here! Don’t make such a loud noise!”

While hugging the hem of her cloak, she danced joyous dance around the room. She recalled the existence of the diary after about three laps.

After dusting it off, she picked up the diary.

After opening the cover, the page refused to be flipped.

On the first page, a portrait of Oswald had been inserted. Just one word was written in thin letters.



Charlotte began by first looking for a pen in the room to see if that was her handwriting.


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