I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

5. My “Wife” is Behaving Strangely

A large teleportation magic circle manifested within the conference room of the royal castle.

The lean and sophisticated formation illustrated the magnificent ability of the caster, and his enormous magical power.

The people who gathered inside the conference room sighed with admiration at its splendor.

“I’m sorry for being late.”

The one who appeared was Oswald Ralph Langheim—a young man who was also a duke of the kingdom.

Oswald’s posture was firm while his gait was imposing. Just his appearance created a dignified atmosphere within the room.

In front of Oswald, both men and women were fascinated.

However, that didn’t stem only from his dauntless expression.

His quiet behavior and appearance, which was backed with ability, attracted the eyes.

“It’s alright, Captain. There are still five minutes before the start of the meeting.”

“Although it looks like everyone has gathered, already. I was away all day yesterday and created trouble for you.”

“There wasn’t any problem. I was able to complete the mission without any confusion thanks to the captain’s perfect orders.”

The dozens of people gathered were all Oswald’s subordinates.

They were one of the most elite troops in the kingdom, with a full lineup of talented magicians. Those men gave respectful looks to Oswald.

Hence, they spoke with carefree smiles.

“Congratulations on your marriage, Captain.”



Oswald, who had finished his the morning meeting, was exhausted.

It wasn’t because of the earlier meeting.

It also wasn’t because of his own wedding ceremony, which had been held yesterday, or the hard work he did every day to open up his schedule.

…What was with Charlotte this morning?

As he walked down the corridor of the royal castle, he involuntarily frowned.

What came to his mind was the woman Oswald welcomed as his wife yesterday.

Charlotte, the woman with long, pale golden, hair and light blue eyes was the Peerless Saint.

However, one mustn’t be deceived by her kind and pretty appearance, or her title of saint.

Charlotte had used her power, which would otherwise heal others, to satisfy her cruel desires.

…So far, she has trampled upon the lives of a lot of people…

The power to control life meant the same as the power to control death.

If Charlotte so wished, even the kingdom would be easily destroyed. In fact, that had almost happened.

He was aware that after getting married, she wouldn’t just stay put. As such, he forcibly sealed her divine power.

If she wouldn’t behave, I have to kill Charlotte before she regains her divine power.

Hence, Oswald was prepared that morning.

Yesterday, after he had sealed Charlotte’s divine power, he had hoped that she wouldn’t wake up.


She opened her eyelids, which were fringed by her long eyelashes, and stare at Oswald with her light blue eyes.

Then, she said those words.

“—I’ve fallen in love with you at first sight!”

How could she…?

He paused to rub his forehead.

Apart from this morning, that definitely wasn’t our first meeting.

For her attitude to differ so much from last night… it was truly ludicrous.

But, in the past, Charlotte had pretended to have ‘repented’ to escape a major punishment. However, she usually couldn’t put up with such acts for too long.

She may be planning to act obedient until her divine power returns.

No… to call that ‘obedient’ would be a little…

The more he thought about it, the more tired he became.

By marrying Charlotte, he was prepared to take on a number of annoyances.

However, Oswald never would have guessed the direction of those ‘annoyances’ being different from what he imagined…

As he clutched his forehead, someone called him from behind.

“To not be wearing a formal cloak is unusual for you. Is it because you’re now a newlywed, Duke Langheim?”

“…Cease it, Ignatius.”

The one grinning at him was a rotten magician who once stood with him on the same battlefield.

He was the son of a marquis, but he spoke and acted frivolously despite his status and ability. Ignatius cupped his chin with a hand and peered into Oswald’s face.

“As always, your expression is really hard to read. Regardless of how vile she is, don’t you feel lucky to have such a beautiful woman as your wife?”

“It’s no joking matter. She’s the Charlotte Leah Ainsworth.”

“Don’t you mean, Duchess Charlotte Leah Langheim?”

When he only quietly glared at him, Ignatius shrugged.

“Be aware of your marriage, Oswald.”


Of course, he was aware of what Ignatius was trying to imply.

“Oswald, the genius magician who’s unmatched on the battlefield! Hence why, despite your difficult background, you were entrusted with your current position. You also won the title of duke. Your life seems to be smooth sailing!”

Ignatius wrapped his arm around Oswald’s shoulder and whispered to his ear.

“Not to mention, your wife is a saint, one touted to be the strongest in history. Someone irritated with your marriage might—”

“—Shut up.”

Oswald sighed and pushed Ignatius’ arm away.

“I know that your advice comes in good faith, but I’m unsure of your motive.”

“I’m but a good fellow who’s worried about his friend who has found himself in this situation? Isn’t it alright to tell me the reason you married the saint?”

“I told you before. I am the only one who can kill Charlotte. I was therefore appointed by His Majesty the King to watch over her.”

While straightening the collar of his uniform, he tilted his head.

“Instead of imprisonment, it’s marriage—for the saint is still not without value.”

“Well, no matter how necessary a healing power is, to request it from a sinner who hasn’t been incarcerated even once…”

Ignatius didn’t seem to be convinced.

“But, isn’t it a little convenient? To be a husband of such a beautiful woman…”

“What? What are you talking about…”

At that moment, Charlotte’s sneezing face from that morning resurfaced in Oswald’s mind.


The night dress she wore was too thin to wear in winter.

The reason she wore such a thin apparel was probably because last night was the first night of her marriage.

Oswald hung his cloak, which was part of the kingdom magician’s uniform, on her shivering, thin, shoulders.

It was because he felt slightly guilty.

Despite her being a saint, she was helplessly robbed of her divine power. Not only that, she was then put in an ice-cold room with such thin clothes.

Therefore, he reconsidered his actions and put his bright blue cloak on her.

“…How warm…”

Her expression as she smiled.

He reflexively recalled her smile, one which seemed to be able to melt everything.

At that time, she seemed genuinely happy.




A loud sound rang out.

To drown out Charlotte’s face, he had slammed his forehead against the wall.

Don’t get caught in her pace. I must stay vigilant. Never get attached to her!

After that, he muttered, ‘Why is this happening.’

“I think my head is hurting…”

“Well, you think—!?”

In that way, Oswald was assigned his morning mission while clutching his throbbing head.

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