Within the Kingdom of Mukin, flowers and muscles were in full bloom.

In that kingdom, many things were determined by muscles—be it status, honor, or beauty.

That was because of none other then the fact that muscle hadn’t only protected the kingdom, but had also let it prosper for 500 years since its founding.

Indeed, muscle was prosperity.

In such kingdom, Liliane, a successful business woman, received endless proposals every day. Despite so, all the muscles that entered her eyes weren’t good enough!

In the end, whom she chose was…

Utsukushī kin’nikudesu. Jū-ten.
Beautiful Muscles. Ten Points.

Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n2553go/

Author: 千羊 Sen’yō
Translator: Antoinette Vanessa

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Part 2
Part 3