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23. I Shall Enjoy These Wonderful Consecutive Days Off (3)

—28 days remaining.

“Alright, let’s review—who will be hosting of tonight’s dinner?”

“Lady Lelouche, studying while getting dressed is just—”

“—Then, shall we resume our study during the dinner party?”

My smile was reflected upon the mirror. I could see Lumiere through the same mirror. She was wearing a pastel green dress and her shoulders were drooping.

“It’s Count Remel. This event is for celebrating the birthday of his second son, Horus. However, as Horus’ fiancée has yet to be decided, the purpose of this party seems to be for finding him a suitor.”

“How old is Horus?”

“He’s 13-years-old, two years younger than us… I wonder if he wants to select a fiancée before his social debut next year.”

“That’s correct. That’s why we, who are relatively close in age to him, were also invited… ostensibly.”

Lady Lelouche!? Y, you’re scaring me!?”

Well, an invitation had also been given to me even though I was officially engaged. It was inevitable to think that I shouldn’t refuse the invitation. On the other hand, there was no particular reason why Lumiere shouldn’t be invited.

With a smile on my face, I mercilessly tugged Lumiere’s coral-colored hair which she had styled herself.


“I, I am, really, afraid of you!”



—I was concerned for her future. After all, she was merely slight nervousness and already couldn’t repeat my words.

Lumiere, why are you staring at me?

“What? Didn’t you say that you wished to see the culmination of my tutoring today? Are you having second thoughts about it?”

“N, no!? But, Lady Lelouche has only been helping me prepare… don’t you need to prepare as well?”

“Indeed. I’ll be ready soon. More importantly, His Highness isn’t going to escort you, correct?”

“Well, yes. I just told him that Lady Lelouche would prepare an attendant for me… Was that alright?”

Apparently, His Highness Sazanjill was also going to present at the birthday party of the count’s second son. I was mostly worried about Lumiere, though.

I laughed fearlessly.

“Don’t worry, I have nothing to fear.”

I was destined to die in 28 days.

I tidied Lumiere’s always fluffy hair. It was time to discipline the pretty lady, someone who was also in good shape.

“Alright, Lumiere, give me your hand.”


As she alighted from the carriage, her limbs were trembling.

Good grief…

With that, no matter how brilliantly I escorted her, it’d be for naught.

I had no choice but to assist to Lumiere who was barely able to get off the carriage.

“Don’t be so nervous. You’re more beautiful than anyone today.”

“W, what!?”

What a strange reaction. I was only trying to transform her tension into self-confidence.

Aside from Lumiere, who was confused, I started looking around. The beautiful, starry, night was suitable for the party. The light escaping from of the mansion emphasized its gorgeousness, partly because the night air was cold. As the objective was to find a fiancée candidate for a 13-year-old boy, there were many pretty flowers. When coupled with the splendor of the dresses of the ladies who were entering one after another, a gorgeous night was created.


I hoped that my last night would be as beautiful.

—I casted that yearning aside. I entered the wave of people in black tailcoats. Naturally, I did so while pulling the hand of Lumiere who was dressed in a fluffy dress.

For some reason, everyone’s attention was transfixed on us. Was it because of Lumiere? Or was it because I had transformed into a butler?

The deacons who managed the entrance were also confused as they compared the two invitations.

“Are you truly Lady Lelouche Elcage?”

“Yes, there’s no mistake. Don’t you remember this black hair?”

“M, my sincerest apology…”

The moment I displayed my black hair, I was admitted without any trouble. The black hair inherited from the foreign beauty turned out to be useful. It wasn’t a face pass, but a hair pass.

“W, w, w, what?!”

When I entered the venue, a commotion ensued. It had been a while since I had been noticed. I wasn’t displeased by it, though.

“Is she making her social debut?”

“The humble baron and the traditional duke are walking together?!”

“They’ve always been the center of the attention at the academy?”

I knew they wanted to praise me, but couldn’t they keep their voices down?

How can someone so lacking in confidence intend to stand beside His Highness?

While the answer was still a mystery, I forcefully pushed her hips forward. We couldn’t remain in the entrance forever.

“Hold up your back. Lift your chin.”

I gave Lumiere instructions in a low voice and she immediately adhered to them.

That’s right. There’s no need for you to say anything.

She was beautiful if she kept silent.

With a petite servant next to her, she’d appear a little more majestic, right?

Of course, that image wasn’t the mere purpose of my butler uniform.

“Why, if that isn’t a very familiar ponytail?”

As the attention of our surroundings were glued to us, a young man casually beckoned to us. Without anyone’s permission, he ran his fingers through my hair.

His blue, sapphire, eyes sparkled underneath his noble, gleaming, silver hair. His Highness the Second Prince, whose shock couldn’t be concealed even by his dignified attire, smiled as he approached us.

I poked Lumiere with my elbow, and she hurriedly lifted the hem of her dress.

“I’m honored to meet from you, Your Highness Zafield. I’m Lumiere Alban, a student of the same grade as you.”

“Y, yes, thank you for the polite greeting. You’re even more beautiful tonight. I’m surprised to see you dressed as an adult.”

The second prince, who was accustomed to dealing with woman, reflexively offered a praise.

Fufu, is that so?

Since he had praised her that much, it seemed that Lumiere was indeed well dressed that night.

To be frank, Lumiere had a baby face. A simple dress would suit her better as it would further enhance her loveliness. Instead, she simply put her hair together and used brown makeup. If such a lady were to show off her perfect curtsy, she’d look like a lady with age-appropriate attire and beauty.

However, her greeting at the beginning was still a little strange. I’d have to reprimand her later… Still, I had to give her a point. I didn’t expect for His Highness Zafield to be there as well.

—That day, I was but a humble attendant. Therefore, I would refrain from talking to the royal family. Then, towards Lumiere, who raised her face, Zafield whispered.

“Won’t you introduce me to the pretty servant beside you? She looks very familiar.”

“Uh, she’s, she’s going to be escorting me today, so…”

That was true. That sort of ad lib was still too early for her.

I raised my face, put my hand on my chest, and bowed.

“I’m Lelouche Elcage, and as for today, I shall be attending Lumiere.”

“Yes, I know that already for I’ve been dedicating my daily lunch breaks to you.’

Although His Highness Zafield was concealing his mouth with his hand, it was obvious that he was laughing. Well, for that night, I would forgive him.

“It’s rare to see you here, Your Highness. It was said that only His Highness Sazanjill would be making an appearance later.”

“My older brother is still busy. His schedule is keeping him busy all the way through the birthday of the count’s second son…”

“What about you?”

“I felt like attending.”

His Highness Zafield showed his usual bitter smile.

However, Lumiere only trembled even more. Well, she had never met His Highness Zafield before. Also, thanks to His Highness Zafield, we received even more attention.

With such lavish attention, the party started. The organizer gave his greetings and the day’s protagonist was introduced. Once that opening was over, it was time to mingle. I had to greet the protagonist.

“Then, Your Highness, we must give our congratulatory greetings.”

“…Did you come to promote Lady Lumiere today?”

When I was about to leave, His Highness frankly asked that. It honestly blew me away.

I placed my index finger against my mouth which wasn’t adorned with crimson lipstick.

“Why would I sell the lady I raised at such a bargain?”

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