I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

31. Our Arrival

I sighed inwardly and immediately focused on my brother’s dilemma.

“Hey, brother Alves, why don’t you take this opportunity to stay in the royal capital for a while and find yourself a wife?”

“…That’d just be a waste of money.”

“It isn’t. It’s a necessary investment. Today, my older brother looks good. I’m sure you’ll be popular at the ball. As long as you interact with others, you’ll surely be able to make one or two good connections!”

My brother seemed about to say something, but he couldn’t refute my words.

The duty of a lord was to protect his territory. At the same time, producing an heir to continue the bloodline was another important duty.

It wasn’t Alves’ fault that he had to put it off—it was because I was helpless.

But now, I could do something. I had some money to spare. We also knights helping us with fieldwork—albeit temporarily.

Now that they were on vacation, we should do something about it.

For that, we’d have to deal with the problem in front of us.

I made up my mind and turned to Phil.

“…I know it’s a lot to ask, but please let me rely on you. Could you let my brother stay in your mansion?”

I was nervous because Phil was silent.

No, he might had not heard our conversation.

He was looking out from the window of the carriage, as if contemplating something.


Even when I called out, he took no notice of it.

When I looked at Alves, confused, my brother only sighed. After that, he clenched his fist.

Wait, fist?

While I was confused, my brother suddenly swung his fist towards Phil’s abdomen.

He tried to hit him.

Except, the moment his fist was about to connect, Phil’s hand moved to parry it.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Good, you’re back with us. Didn’t you hear Lucia’s words?”

“…Lucia’s words? I’m sorry, I missed them. Could you repeat it?”


He apologized with an utterly dejected expression. He seemed to be ashamed from the bottom of his heart. I was so confused.

Saying that again would difficult.

…After all, it was too farfetched—however, it was also for the sake of my brother. Therefore, I’d try again without shame.

“…You see, brother Alves rarely goes to balls, right? I think it’d be better for him to stay in the royal capital for a long time. I want him to seize this opportunity to find a good partner for himself. Therefore, I wish for Phil to let him stay in his mansion… O, of course, I’ll pay an accommodation fee!”

I explained it again.

I realized how extravagant my request was and began to feel dizzy.

Phil nodded as if it was nothing.

“It’s for Alves instead of Lucia? It’s alright. I don’t usually use that house, anyway. You don’t have to pay to stay. I’m always indebted to you. But… Lucia’s story from a while ago—”

“Given my age, I’d like for my brother to get married first.”

I supplemented my explanation to Phil who was tilting his head.

However, Phil only made a pitiful expression.

“Alves… will you get married, too?”

“I will, someday.”

“What the hell… if you get married before I do, I’ll lose my safe haven!”

Phil was depressed.

When I was wondering if I should comfort him, my brother glanced out the window and cleared his throat.

“Phil, you can be depressed as much as you like later. We have arrived.”

“…That’s right. Alright, I’m going to dance a lot with Lucia today. Who know what’s going to happen!”

Phil muttered and clenched his fist.

Then, he opened the window of the slowed carriage and signaled the guards.

Immediately, the guards vacated the road and opened a heavy gate.

“This place is…?”

“The so-called back gate. Entering from the front is a bit difficult, I’m sorry.”

The carriage was now passing through a huge gate.

The gate seemed to be heavy, and its walls on both sides were very thick.

Considering the time it took to pass through them, the wall must had been terrifyingly sturdy.

Indeed, it was a castle wall.

The guards were wearing matching uniforms in very famous shades of color.

…There were also three massive buildings ahead of the carriage, they were just beyond the walls.

“…Brother, could this place be?”

When I asked straightforwardly, Alves silently turned his eyes away again.

There was no choice but to turn to Phil.

The man, whose hair was dyed maroon and had an unfamiliar appearance, smiled widely without returning my gaze.

“…Yes, it’s the royal palace.”

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