I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

30. The Marriage Problems of Brother and Sister

The carriage we boarded was on the main street of the royal capital.

The carriage belonging to my house wasn’t too small, but it was much smaller than those large carriages owned by wealthy aristocrats. As such, it would look cramped when two large men sat side by side.

Moreover, both of them were dressed for a ball.

While I was familiar with them, somehow, they seemed majestic. The sight overwhelmed me.


When I gently called out, they looked at me at the same time.

“What happened? We’ll be arriving soon.”

“That’s right, but… You haven’t told me the destination.”

I had been anxious about that for a long time. For some reason, Alves averted his gaze—and so did Phil. When I kept staring at him, he finally relented.

“…Uh, right, you’ll know when you get there.”

“Why won’t you tell me?”

“…Because, I want to surprise you?”

“I’m not familiar with the royal capital. However, at the end of this street, there are only mansions belonging to high-ranking people, correct?”

“Well, indeed, that’s true…”

Phil mumbled as if troubled. He immediately looked to the side to ask Alves for help.

However, my brother was staring out the window. He didn’t look at us at all.

I see.

I understood that they had no desire to answer.

“Since Phil will be wearing a mask, there won’t be any problems for you. As for us, we won’t be wearing any. We’ll to refrain from acting out of place. It’d be helpful if we had information about the host…”

“About the host… you don’t need to worry about him?”

Phil’s eyes wandered as he showed a cramped smile.

“That’s right! Let’s have Lucia wear a mask! Then, you won’t have to worry about anything!”

“But Tiana said that I should refrain from wearing a mask…”

“Eh, is that so? I also think that it’d be better for Lucia to not wear a mask. Lucia is so pretty today, wearing a mask would feel like a waste. Alves thinks so too, right?”

“I’d prefer for her to wear a mask, but I want to find a marriage partner for Lucia. I also want to show her off.”

While saying that, Alves finally stared at me.

I thought he was joking, but my brother’s face was serious.

Hearing that, Phil turn around for some reason. His expression was slightly tense.


Did he think that other people didn’t want to get married just because he didn’t?

…Actually, for the time being, I didn’t want to get married. I wanted to use my dowry for the development of our farmland.

As for my brother…

Did he forget about himself?

“Shouldn’t Alves get married before me?”

“I’m fine. Besides, there isn’t enough money?”

“Then, I’m also fine. I want to use my dowry for something else.”

When I quietly said that, my brother leaned forward.

“Lucia, if you say that, then you will never be able to marry. You can’t do it this year, but next year, you’ll definitely have a large dowry. You’re going to get married.”

“It’s okay to be a little late. After all, I’m only eighteen.”

Without losing any momentum, I replied to my brother.

“The next Viscount of Ragulen will be the child of Alves. As you’ll also be attending the ball, it’s only right for you to take this opportunity to find a bride in the royal capital. Do your best.”

“Like I said, I can’t afford it…”

“We still have my dowry. We can afford it. Even if we use everything, can’t we save up again over the next few years? It’s no good to hesitate.”

“That’s, that may be true… but what if something were to happen?”

“Then, my marriage would only be delayed a little longer. Maybe, I’ll find someone that doesn’t care about receiving a dowry.”

Although, no aristocrat would be that peculiar.

Alves seemed to be speechless.

“That’s, certain, but, but—”


Was there such a person?

If there was, that person must have been a great millionaire. A person who wouldn’t have any trouble feeding me until old age. If there was such a wealthy person, I’d do my best to become fashionable and marry him.

However, there was no way women would leave such a person alone. Besides, he might dislike me due to my rough skin and hands.

After all, reality wasn’t so sweet.


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