I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

29. The Preparations for That Day

As a woman, dressing beautifully was a pleasure.

As such, was I the only one who was also in pain? I really wanted to weed the field. I wanted to clean the floor, as well. My entire body was aching to work.

Even though I’ve resolved myself for going to the ball.  Why do humans want to leave everything behind and escape?

“What do you think?”

Tiana asked me confidently, but I could only smile vaguely as I looked at my own reflection.

In the mirror, I could be seen wearing a beautiful ball gown.

It was a little old, but if it was a masquerade ball, the old-fashioned design should be suitable.

That day, I was like a princess in a fairy tale.

That might have been the first time I had my hair tied so high while wearing such a dress.

I felt that the necklace with its small jewels and thin chain made my neck appear beautiful.”

Tiana with her transcendental technique was able to make my tanned skin also appeared very natural.

As expected…

It was as if I was an entirely different person. Regardless, I stayed firm.

“…It feels strange. It’s me, but at the same time, it feels as if it isn’t…”

“Nonsense, both are Lady Lucia’s appearance. I’ve always wanted to dress you up like this, however, Lord Phil was against the idea…”

“Well, it’ll be difficult to cook in a dress like this…”

“That’s… well, it’s alright. But, Milady, even if Lord Phil asks you to wear a mask, you should never accept it? I’ll do my best to prevent that from happening. It’d be blasphemy to hide your appearance behind a mask!”

She spoke so firmly… but it shouldn’t matter whether I wore a mask or not, right? It wouldn’t change anything…

I tilted my head and turned towards the door that had been left ajar.

“By the way, what about Phil?”

“He returned earlier. It should take him sometime to get ready today. Please be patient.”

“…I wonder, what can I do to pass time…”

“Of course, I’ve also taken that into consideration.”

Tiana brought out a light meal that had been cut into small pieces.

I wore an apron as if I was a baby, and ate slowly, being careful to not stain my dress.

I was dressed for a ball. Therefore, I couldn’t get hungry during it. However, it didn’t seem like I’d be getting hungry for the time being…

I can dance with this!

When I was utterly satisfied—

“—I’m finally ready. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

“Won’t you cut your hair, after all?”

“I can cut it, but short hair is too lackluster. Besides, my brother would throw a fuss.”

“…That’s the first I’ve ever heard about that.”

Some voices came from the corridor.

They were Alves and Phil.

As I tried to look back and beckon to them, I felt scared for a moment.

A dark blonde tall aristocrat.

It was Alves. He had the same eye color as me, and he appeared as dignified as usual.

But… the other one…

A hair color that was too bright for maroon, which was similar to my brother’s dark blonde hair. The man was just as tall and wore a dark green, slightly old-fashioned aristocratic outfit.

He might had noticed my line of sight.

The person scooped his hair to emphasize it and smiled.

“What do you think, do I look good?”

“…You’re Phil, right?”

The voice definitely belonged to Phil.

That expression was also characteristic of Phil.

But… due to the different hair color, it was as if he was an entirely different person.

Phil looked shocked, and confusion dyed his gaze.

“Eh!? Could it be, you didn’t recognize me!?”

“…Alright, I’m convinced that you’re indeed Phil. However, with the two of you standing together like that… I’m starting to wonder if you’re my long-lost brother.”

Phil took it seriously. Immediately, I smirked and proceeded to laugh.

“Now that I think about it, you can definitely pass as my brother. Alright, why don’t you go with brother Alves tonight? Also, can I call you ‘older brother’?”

“…Oi. Who the hell is my brother? Stop it, words like that will only be a bad omen.”

For some reason, Alves was angry.

Was it because Phil seemed to be older than him?

As I tilted my head, the two seemed to be arguing about something.

It continued until Tiana came to inform us that the carriage was ready.

***T/N: Just accept it, Alves, you will be a bro-in-law to Phil soon.

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