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19.1 Idle Talk: The Monologue of a Former Thieving Cat (3)

When I heard that Lelouche had fallen, I immediately went to see Sazanjill.

Apparently, Sazanjill had tried to cushion her fall, but failed. The depressed Sazanjill had a wound on his chin.

“…If Lelouche stays like this.”

If she dies, can I be your next fiancée?

I hurriedly drowned that idea.

I’m the worst.

No matter what happened, I mustn’t think like that.

I gently put my hand on Sazanjill’s shoulder. His shoulders were trembling.

Again, I found myself envying the person called Lelouche Elcage.

I wanted to properly meet her.

Therefore, I made a suggestion.

“Can you take me to visit her, too?”

—How did this happen!?

I thought that I had received my punishment.

Suddenly, Lelouche, who had awoken, mentioned she wanted to have a chat with me—only the two of us. As soon as I was prepared for a fight between women, I found myself sitting on a chair as Lelouche preached about the etiquette of a lady.

“To stand beside His Highness, you’ll need a certain amount of education, not to mention appearance! If you can’t impress someone of my level, then you are unfit to be the queen!!”

…Uh, Lady Lelouche?

You’re the fiancée of Sazanjill, right?

Why are you talking as if you’re my mother-in-law?

In the first place, weren’t you the one who bullied me!?

The person named Lelouche Elcage was a very gorgeous person. She had graceful black hair. She had long but sleek eyes. Her makeup wasn’t thick, while her lips were the color of cherry blossoms. Her white skin looked as if it was made of porcelain. She was slender and had long limbs. She was the exact opposite of me. Moreover, she had confidence in herself. Every word she spoke inspired me.

She suddenly put something on top of my head. It was heavy, if I were to lower my head, my neck might snap—

—uh, a book?

Lelouche then said.

“That’s right. First, place it on your head and sit for thirty minutes. In the meantime, I’ll be asking you various questions. Answer them as best as you can. Well then, let’s start by getting to know each other. Nice to meet you, my name is Lelouch Elcage. What is your name?”

I already know!?

Besides, you’ve already investigated me, right!?

However, her black eyes mercilessly commanded me to answer.

“Lumiere Alba—”

Before I could finish my answer, the book fell from the top of my head.

Lelouche proceeded to smile.


No more—!”

The next morning, I appealed to Sazanjill in the morning. I would pass myself of as a fragile woman so he’d spoil me. To be honest, I didn’t really like it. I was already at my limit.

It was really difficult! I had met various tutors and etiquette teachers, but no one was as strict as Lelouche! I much preferred being yelled at! I never knew a smile could be so scary!

Regardless of what I had to say, there’d be book on top of my head. I was made to introduce myself endlessly if I stuttered. I was forced to curtsey for more than 100 times. I had to answer all the tests’ questions! If my posture was bad, I’d get struck on my back as a pointer!

Sazanjill listened to all my complaints with a serious expression.

“Isn’t that generous of her?”


What did the prince just say?

My mind blanked. As if recalling something, Sazanjill crossed his arms.

“…Lelouche received all the education that is needed as a noble lady from my mother. My mother, she’s even stricter.”

“Mother… Sazanjill’s mother?”

“Yes, the current queen.”

That was right. The prince’s mother was once a princess, of course. Since Lelouche was also the fiancée of the first prince, she was a candidate for the future crown princess. It wouldn’t be strange for her to receive direct guidance from the current queen.

Sazanjill continued.

“Lelouche underwent that education when she was five. I don’t think her child self had any problems with the guidance…”

Ever since she’s five-years-old? She had to endure all of that?

No, it was just impossible for me.

Yesterday, I thought that as long as we could communicate with each other, a difference in status was but a trivial obstacle!

—I had decided, it was impossible for me to become the next princess!

As I paled, my gaze met the sideways glance of His Highness.

“Well, if Lumiere can’t take it anymore, I’ll say a word to her. Although, I don’t think she’d listen…”

Sazanjill, why are you so pessimistic? Do your best! Do your best as a man!

…However, he instead appeared unreliable… I unintentionally voiced a complain.

“But why would Lelouche educate me…?”

“I’m sorry. I’ve been with her for a long time. When her stress builds up, she tends to do crazy things.”

“Is that so?”

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