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19.2 Idle Talk: The Monologue of a Former Thieving Cat (3)

When I tilted my head, Sazanjill’s gaze moved onto something faraway.

“That’s right. One time, she adorably pick all the flowers. She also once said that she wanted to chop wood with an ax. Another time, she said that she wanted to ride a horse alone for a long trip. Yet another time, she tried to make a raft by herself to go to an island in the lake. There was also a time when she disguised herself with armor and trained alongside the soldiers. She has also dressed up as a maid and cleaned the inside of the royal castle in the middle of the night. When I think about that, my heart feels like it is about to stop.”

“…What a curious person.”

I managed to find a gentle word to describe her actions, and Sazanjill gave a happy laugh because of it.

“Truly, if she’s that stressed, I wish she’d come to me and talk about it… For a long time, she has never complained about herself.”

—Ah, he truly loves her.

I could tell that at a glance. He loved Lelouche. It was a passionate love.

I was definitely the third wheel.

“In that case, why don’t you talk to Lelouche alone, Sazanjill? That way, she might be honest with you…”

“But Zafield…”

“Lord Zafield?”

Wasn’t that Sazanjill’s younger brother? There were rumors that he was a sloven person.

Sazanjill continued.

“When you’re about to get entangled in such a conflict, it’s important to make sure that your loved one truly sees you. Besides, there’s that particular suspicion of her harassing you this time. That is the reason why I want to hear, ‘I didn’t do it.’ from Lelouche’s very mouth. It’s hard to prove the devil, but first of all, I have to trust her.”

Probatio Diabolica meant that one should bring forth a devil to prove that there was a devil. But, wouldn’t proving that there was no devil be harder? In other words, wouldn’t proving Lelouche hadn’t harassed me be difficult?

During the small talk we had amidst our study time, Lelouche had taught me about that. If not, I wouldn’t know what he was talking about.

…But, but Lelouche could still lie about not being the culprit. However, it seemed that Sazanjill would blindly trust her.

It wasn’t like I couldn’t just ask Lelouche directly—but as I thought, I was too scared! It was absolutely impossible!

What if she said, “Oh, you finally found out?”

I was really scared of the consequences!

When I was afraid of Lelouche, who I had already pictured as a villain in my mind—

“—To be honest, these problems between women are difficult for me. But I’m sure that Zafield, who’s intimate with many women, will understand.”

Sazanjill added.

Is that so?

I only had a friend of the opposite sex… I didn’t know because I never had any female friends. If the prince said so, then that might be the case.


just a little more…

I wanted to keep dreaming, just a bit more.

If the price was receiving such a strict education, then I’d try my best.

Perhaps, after hearing Sazanjill’s advice, Lelouche would become less strict.

—But that didn’t happen.

Lelouche disregarded Sazanjill’s desperate advice. I was crying every day, so Sazanjill strongly reprimanded Lelouche—but it was to no avail… tohoho…

Around the time when I began to get used to the mystery education that was forcibly being carried out on me, I began to feel uncomfortable.

“Lumiere Alban, you’ve been doing your best lately.”

Last week’s quiz had been returned. The teacher, who’d usually bitterly gaze at me, warmly said that to me. I instinctively looked at the red number marked on the answer sheet twice.

“…9, 96 points…?”

“By the way, Alban is the top student at the ‘Trois’ class. The class average was 63 points. Even in the ‘Un’ class, the average didn’t reach 90. Everyone should follow her example and do their best!”

Everyone in the class was abuzz. That was unexpected. Even in the lower class, ‘Trois’, I ranked at the bottom. Suddenly, my score was better than ‘Un’ class students!? I was utterly shocked.

I went back to my seat and gazed at the answer sheet once again.

That was my first time receiving such a gorgeous score, one penned with a red circle.

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