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20. Idle Talk: The Monologue of a Former Thieving Cat (4)

“—That’s only to be expected for I have invested a lot of my time.”

After school that day, as soon as I reported the score of my quiz to Lelouche, she casually dismissed it.

…Uh, there’s no harm in praising me a little?

While sitting sideways in the seat beside me, Lelouche gracefully rearranged her legs.

“Did you just realize it?”

“…What do you mean?”

“I believe your surroundings have long since changed their impression of you.”

Well, if you were to ask me…

It felt like the gossip had decreased a little?

Of course, there was no end to people criticizing me for being unsuitable to stand beside Sazanjill—

—but certainly, the frequency had decreased.

I was still regarded as an eyesore, however, it also felt as if the boys had been noticing me more.

Lelouche smiled.

“Recently, it’s been rumored that Ms. Lumiere has become cuter. There are also those who desire to confess to you and regret the presence of His Highness beside you.”

“W-w-w-w-what are you talking about!?”

Me?! This stupid, laughable, daughter of a scholar?!

As I flinched, Lelouche tilted her head.

“Is it that surprising? It’s natural to be favored from the start when you’re good-looking, elegant, and confident.”

“…Me? Elegant and confident?”

“Indeed. Even when I’m not present, you’re mindful of your posture and manners, yes? Your efforts have paid off.”

I was too scared to let my guard down because I felt as if Lelouche was everywhere to rebuke me with her merciless smile!

Her smile hurts, and it’s scary!

But, I see… it seems that I’ve recently become popular…

That was my first time experiencing something like that—I was a little happy and also embarrassed.

Suddenly, Lelouche asked me a question. From her tone, she seemed impatient to hear my answer.

“What kind of dresses do you like…?”


I was grateful that the topic had changed, but dresses…?

The dress that came to mind was the dress that His Highness Sazanjill lent me. Being honest, I didn’t like it all. However, I had to keep up with the pretense that we were close. I thought I had to wear it at least once to save His Highness’ face.

While thinking that I should report that to Lelouche…

“It’s just curiosity on my part—but when it comes to dresses, you have your preferences, yes?”

—The implication behind her smile terrified me.

Alright, let’s talk about troublesome things again.

I quietly answered her question.

“I like mature dresses… Navy blue or black. While they may still be too early for me, when I see the madams wearing them, I thought they’re cool… I admire them…”

“I see, as I thought, you’re a cute person.”

What does she mean? Is that sarcasm? I don’t think I said anything strange…

When I furrowed my eyebrows, Lelouche shook her head a little.

“There’s nothing wrong with your preferences, so don’t worry. Let’s start our studying session.”

She got up from her chair and struck the pointer against her hand.

It was just around that time.

The bullying had stopped for a while, but it restarted once His Highness wasn’t present. My textbooks would be scribbled in or there’d be insects in my bag. I was also given the wrong timetable.

Still, that was nowhere close to being a big deal.

Therefore, there was no need to bother His Highness anymore—

—but His Highness suddenly made a suggestion.

“Let me be the taste tester. Growing up as a member of the royal family, I’m more familiar with poison than anyone else.”

In a flash, I slapped His Highness’ hand which moving for the fork to my lunch.

“Don’t be foolish. What if something happens to Your Highness?! Don’t forget your position!”

I was lot angrier than expected.

While I was surprised at that, His Highness smiled bitterly.

“You sound like Lelouche.”

“Indeed. I can see Lelouche doing the same thing.”

“How dependable.”

The two of us giggled. I gently hid the envelope underneath the plate.

After I parted with His Highness with a smile, I crushed the letter without even reading it. They’d always contain the same thing.

Regardless, Lelouche couldn’t be the culprit. It was simply out of the question.

“I’m not going to lose.”

I threw the piece of paper into the trash can.

At that time, Lelouche suggested that she’d like to have a training camp at her home over our following three day break.

“Of course, with the permission of Baron Alban, I’d like to stay in your mansion for three days. What do you think?”

…I can already see that we’re going to end up studying again.

What was more, in the same room. I wondered if she was going to watch me sleep. I felt scared.

However, I was surprised when she straightforwardly said that she wanted to talk to my father.

Could it be, I was looking forward to it?

Can we get along better?

I laughed at myself for having such expectations.

“What’s wrong?”

Lelouche asked while tilting her head. I responded with a smile.

“No, I’m looking forward to your stay.”


…Presently, I wanted her to teach me more.

If she were to learn of that, would she scold me again? Or would she compliment me?

Either way—I wanted to see Lelouche again.

***T/N: We thought this is a story of a cheating fiancee, but it’s actually a reverse harem including the female heroine all along…

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