Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

5. [Day 1 (4)]

“Lorona is dead!? What is the meaning of this?!”

Count Ruth, who was training in his villa, dropped his large sword as his eyes widened.

“You dare say that I’ve lost my lovely daughter?! I will cut you down!!”

“It’s the truth! I’m not lying! This is the death certificate!”

The messenger who came to announce the death of Lorona presented the document to the count with a straight face.

The document contained an official statement declaring Lorona had perished in a carriage accident.

“The corpse was in such bad condition, it was taken to the temple to be reconstructed. A funeral will have to be held, soon…”

“What utter nonsense—!!!”

The messenger was overwhelmed by the powerful threat of the count. He screamed as his eyes went white, then he fainted on the spot.

Despite being wise and middle-aged, he couldn’t withstand the exuberance of Count Ruth, one who was hailed as the demon of the battlefield.

“Lorona, Lorona… aaaahhhhhh!!!”

The count didn’t look at the fallen messenger. He shed tears as he grabbed the document.

The tanned face of the trained giant was dauntless, while his short-cut hair was mixed with white. However, the man at the peak of his age, who was best described as heroic, could only cry out loud.

From an early age, the count was a man who was a little lacking in thought. It didn’t matter how much he studied.

As such, he decided to devote his entirety to swinging his sword and training his body.

Thanks to that, he had become the strongest in the kingdom before he knew it. He was drawn to the battlefield.

The timing was impeccable.

The battle with the neighboring kingdom, which had been wreaking havoc within the territories along the boundary, was intensifying. During that time, fighting men were deemed as capable. Thus, the count advanced to the battlefield.

At one point, a nobleman whose life he had saved offered him a beautiful daughter, and the count agreed to let her become his wife without as much thought.

She was also a woman who thought that it was natural to follow a man who fought, for she grew up during a long war. She also never defied the count.

Their relationship was akin to a boss and his subordinate. The count was reasonably happy because of that. He was praised for his combat skills, and had an obedient wife waiting for him at home.

When his wife gave birth to Lorona, the count deemed her as the most beautiful and adorable existence int hew world! He was overjoyed to see the baby Lorona.

He embraced the small and helpless baby, and he decided that he had to make her happy.

He fought harder than ever and sought results.

He always gave Lorona the finest gifts and cherished her.

Ignoring everyone who said that it was too early, he even prepared a tutor for his young child who had only started walking.

The count changed when Lorona was merely two years old. His wife died in an accident where she fell.

The count was shaken by the loss of his good wife and the mother of his child.

His surroundings were very kind to him, they had deemed him pitiful.

“I’m… pitiful?”

After the death of his wife, the count felt like he was loved by others for the first time.

He was irresistibly happy that people around him were desperately encouraging him and trying to comfort him.

In misery, he’d always get drunk, lamenting his loss.

His rants and deeds were forgiven by his surroundings because he was still mourning.

Among the devoted people around him, one was a beautiful woman he hired as Lorona’s tutor.

The woman, who was originally an aristocrat, was even prettier than his deceased wife.

The count didn’t hesitate to marry that woman under the premise that Lorona also needed a new mother.

But as soon as he got married to her, she grew to be an annoying woman.

She only concerned herself with spending money, and she would always throw a fuss whenever the count was present.

Although she gave birth to a daughter, the baby wasn’t as cute as Lorona. As such, the count immersed himself in military affairs in attempts to escape from his wife.

He’d welcome new subordinates, prepare their equipment, and trained them rigorously.

When his men died on the battlefield, he’d cry a lot and make a name for himself as a general who fought bravely while losing his talented subordinates.

Then, the war abruptly ended. The count had received many rewards along with honor from the engagement between Lorona and the crown prince.

However, that was the pinnacle of the count’s life.

He was a violent man left afloat in time of peace.

He wasn’t welcomed when he went to social gatherings. His wife was also noisy at home.

His only healing was the beautiful Lorona, but she didn’t have much time to spend with him because of her education.

Thus, he built a villa, gathered soldiers who had lost their place like himself, and healed his mind by training them.

He enjoyed buying various weapons and transforming his villa into a fort. It was all with the intention of creating his own kingdom.

However, his heart wasn’t quelled.

He wished that a war would happen—although of course, he couldn’t say that out loud.

He remembered the day when Lorona’s mother died. Those sweet days when those surrounding him desperately filled the vacancy in his heart, the vacancy caused by the loss.

The count wondered if he’d be satisfied if his current wife died. But he couldn’t imagine it.

He didn’t think that his surroundings would be merciful if his current wife died.

But what about Lorona?

She was a beautiful, intelligent, and impeccable daughter. If he lost his daughter, someone who was expected to be the crown princess…

…His surroundings would surely be merciful to the count and pamper him like a child.

“Lorona, Lorona!”

Thus, the count cried aloud for everyone to see.

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