The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

24. The Fake Saint’s Evolution into a Genuine One (Another Perspective)


At my scream, the people on the ship turned towards me.

I clicked my tongue. If they had any kind of firearms, I’d be killed before I could save Ceylan and only I could save her now.

For those who served God, offensive spells were forbidden. However, I had no choice but to fight.

Thus, I casted the only offensive spell I knew. While protecting myself with a burning blade, I felt anxious over whether or not I could rescue Ceylan in time. It was at that moment I regretted my decision to become a priest.

Then, a roaring sound could be heard alongside a brilliant light that descended from the sky. A lightning bolt struck the cargo ship directly.


The ship, which was struck by the lightning, broke in half. It was as if it had been struck by a canon.

What I had seen was too surreal, all I could do was clung to the edge of my boat amidst the raging waves. Soon, I regained bearings and called for Ceylan.

But no matter how many times I called, she didn’t answer. She had fallen into the river, and I couldn’t find her anywhere.

I was deeply aware that if I were to jump into the river, where the lightning had just struck, we’d just sink together. However, I recalled how Ceylan had been struck by a harpoon and soon jumped into the river.

Due to the disturbed mud, visibility in the river was poor. When I used an exploration spell to search my surroundings, I saw something shining within the mud.

I swam with the light as my guide. I found the unconscious Ceylan who had been swept away.

I immediately caught her and rose to the surface of water. The moment we resurfaced, the destroyed ship had begun to fall and sink. The river was raging like a tsunami.

The impact made it impossible to swim. Ceylan and I were swept away by the river.

As I desperately held on to her, my body was suddenly pushed to the surface of water. It was as if I was being tossed aside.

After the pressure of the water had disappeared, we were finally able to breathe. The river had swept us away.

I raised my head to check the surroundings. I had no idea how far away we had been washed.

When I turned to Ceylan, her shoulder was bleeding and her complexion was deep blue.

I hurriedly pulled her out of the water, laid her under the shade of a dry rock, and undressed her drenched body.

Her wounds weren’t as deep as I expected. Still, she was bleeding a lot, probably because she was in the water. I tore my clothes and tightly dressed her wounds.

Seeing the cold and unconscious appearance of Ceylan, the possibility of losing her crossed my mind, and my hands trembled sorrowfully.

I had to warm her up right away. I wiped her soaked body with a cloth I had tightly squeezed free of water.

I was hesitant to take off her underwear. When I was wiping her with the cloth, I noticed something inside her thighs.

I immediately averted my eyes away as much as possible to keep from seeing her bare skin. But for a moment, I recognized something familiar. A warning bell rang in my head—I had to confirm it.


I lifted her legs and looked within her thighs.

That flawless and beautiful sign was incomparable to the one on the sole of the actual saint. It was a mysterious sign that proved her to be the saint.

“What… so, Ceylan is the true…?”

For the mark to be in such a place, who would’ve thought…

…What was I supposed to do with the knowledge I had just acquired?

While staring at her beautiful mark, I desperately fell into thought.

***T/N: Aaaand, the fake saint become a genuine saint!

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