The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

25.1 The Fake Saint’s Evolution into a Genuine One

Ahh, how cold…

My back also hurt.

I woke up freezing cold and in pain.

That’s right, I got struck by a harpoon after falling into the water…

Upon lifting my while wondering what had happened since then, I awoke to the shocking sight of someone sticking his face into my crotch.


“Uwaa! Ceylan! …That hurts! I, it’s me! Calm down!”

…The one spreading my legs turned out to be the priest.

“What?! Priest, it’s you!? What kind of nonsense is this!? For a priest to look at a woman’s crotch, is this the end of the world!?”

“Don’t move. Your wounds will reopen. I’m going to ignite the fire now, so please rest.”

With those words, the priest ran into the depths of the forest. The priest was also drenched. I saw my clothes being dried on the surrounding rocks. Judging from the situation, the priest must had saved me from the river. Instead of giving him a proper thanks, I had kicked him.

Immediately, the priest returned with branches and leaves and magically lit a match-sized flame to ignite a fire.

“Wow, so the priest can use fire spells?”

“Just basic spells for the day-to-day. The church forbids priests from using offensive magic…”

“But, that’s still amazing, to light a fire without a match…”

When I was speaking with the priest, my vision began to spin. I couldn’t raise my head and fell to the ground.

I was so drowsy, I could no longer keep my eyes open.

What should I do…

I’m very sleepy… A lot of things happened… I fell into the water, and I’m so tired…

I was so sleepy, staying conscious was hard.

I didn’t think I was that drowsy—still, I couldn’t help but to start falling asleep. The moment he saw me, the priest called out to me in a hurry.

“Ceylan! Apply healing magic on yourself! You lost too much blood! You have to close your wound…”

“I’m sorry, but I’m too sleepy, right now… I’ll do it later…”

“No, that drowsiness is from blood loss! Stop the bleeding first! You will die!”

The priest said something, but I could no longer fight the drowsiness. I’d wish he’d wait a until later. But the priest wouldn’t let me, and started throwing a fuss.

“—Wake up! Once you lose consciousness, you might not wake up anymore! You’re the only one who can use healing magic! Please!”

I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore…

…I wondered if there’d still be a tomorrow…

“I, wonder…”

As I muttered, the priest’s voice abruptly stopped.

“Sometimes… before going to bed…. I wish tomorrow wouldn’t come… That way, I don’t have to think about it…”

“Ceylan…? What…?”

“…I have to do my best, I have to take care of my family… but sometimes… even the mere thought of tomorrow, it’s too painful…”

Why did I start thinking about various things and get so overbearing? I started mumbling. I didn’t know if what I managed to say even made sense.

I was sleepy, and my consciousness was fading. Then, I heard myself mutter something I hadn’t told anyone—

“—I don’t want wake up…”

In front of my family, regardless of what happened, I had to pretend to be fine. After all, I had to be strong. However, there were many instances where I was truly anxious.

I didn’t want to make my family needlessly worry, so I always acted cheerful in front of everyone. But when I went to bed and closed my eyes, I would think about various things. In fact, the anxiety was often unbearable, and I’d find myself unable to sleep.

Whenever that happened, a thought would occurred to me—

“—What if I just don’t wake up tomorrow? That way, I wouldn’t have to think about it.”

Of course, I didn’t actually think that would prevent tomorrow from coming or anything. However, I was anxious—especially before going to sleep. I was afraid of various things, and I couldn’t help but think about them.

However, to be so negative, I felt that I had betrayed my family. As such, I refrained from ever telling anyone.

As of the present, I was with a priest. It was probably similar to a confession.

Since he was a priest, he must be familiar with how confessions worked, right?

I’d be fine after sleeping for a little bit. Afterwards, I’d be able to do my best as usual.

Therefore, please forgive me.

I’m really tired today.

The noise grew more and more distant…

***T/N: Lol I was expecting the priest to cast heal on her…

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