The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

25.2 The Fake Saint’s Evolution into a Genuine One

The moment I was about to depart for dream world due to the violent drowsiness, the priest shouted.

“Ceylan, if you feel like giving up, then I’ll support you! Don’t endure everything by yourself anymore! I told you that I’d protect you, didn’t I!? I swear I’ll be by your side and support you no matter what happens in the future! So, don’t tell me that you don’t want to wake up! Live… please live, Ceylan!”

The priest, who took my gibberish serious, appealed to me.

Not only did he scream at me, he also shook me. As I fought my sleepiness and opened my eyes, I saw the priest… crying.

My sleepiness was washed away when I realized that tears were flowing from the priest’s beautiful face.

Eeeeh!? Priest!? Why are you crying!? I’m sorry, did I do something to you!?”

When I woke up in a hurry and apologized, the priest looked surprised and angry. He proceeded to wipe away his tears.

“…That’s right. I thought you were going to die. Rather than apologize, get up and heal yourself.”

“Alright, alright, just don’t cry anymore. I’ll do as you say. Although, I’m tired, so it might not be that effective…”

When I started to explain that if I exerted all my strength to heal myself in such a fatigued state, I’d get sick, the priest tightly embraced me.

“Eh!? Priest!?”

“…Just heal yourself.”

While thinking about the situation, I applied healing magic to myself and the area around my thigh began to shine.

“!?!? Priest! Somehow, my crotch is shining! Do you know what’s happening!? How embarrassing!”

Will this disappear?! If it shines all the time, I’d be that freak with a shining crotch! What do I do!?

“Please calm down, Ceylan. First, stop using the expression ‘crotch.’ Also, that is your mark of a saint that is probably shining. It’s on your thigh. It wasn’t there a while ago. Doesn’t it react when you use your power? Or, did you never realize it?”

Mark of the saint?

What was that?

Looking at my incomprehensible expression, the priest lifted my leg and told me, “There’s a mark here.”

He was pointing at something, but I couldn’t see it because it was physically impossible. Also, the priest forced my leg open—that hurt.

It wasn’t just a mark. It was a small, but detailed pattern. For such a complicated picture to exist near the base of my thigh… I had never seen it before. I had never heard about it from my mother either.

“I didn’t know I had a mark in a place like that. It’s unnatural, by any means. I don’t remember, but was I branded when I was little?”

“No, branding irons and tattoos can’t bring about such a beautifully-colored pattern on skin. Marks created by branding irons wouldn’t shine in the first place either. I’ve seen the same emblem in the old scriptures… What is the meaning of this…”

While examining it, the priest stroked the mark—it was both ticklish and embarrassing.

“Hey, don’t touch there… Also, keep your face away!”

“I’m sorry, I’m just very curious…”

The priest was forcing my legs apart in my state of undress. Priest, regardless of the reason, you couldn’t just plant your face into a woman’s crotch?

While I was having such an exchange with the priest, I heard some noise.

“Hey, there they are! It seems that the saint is sa… fe—

Onee-chan! Luka!”

“Is onee-chan safe?”


Suddenly, from the depths of the forest, the knight captain and the twins appeared. They froze the moment they saw us.

I was only wearing my underwear, and the priest was sticking his face into my crotch.

No matter how you think about it, this is plain suspicious.

Everyone was still for a while. The knight captain was the first to let out an angry cry.

Oooooi, Luka! While we’re desperately looking for her, this is what you’ve been up to!? I’ll kill you—!!!”

“Luka, what are you doing to onee-chan!?”

“I was relieved because the two of you are safe, but Luka was having fun stripping onee-chan naked! How disappointing!”

“No, I can explain…”

The sight made it so difficult to resolve the misunderstanding, as such, it lasted for a while. But, after I showed them the wound on my back and explained everything, they finally understood.

“…You were struck by a harpoon? How terrible… Hey, but did the followers of the saint have something to do with the ship that just exploded and sank? A terrible roar was heard up all the way up in town. I was about to follow the river after finding the mark left by the priest, but the rising waves made it difficult, and my ship capsized…”

“Boats couldn’t go down the river, so I ran along the bank in search of you.”

“Did Luka cause that explosion? Were you involved in a battle?”

The three asked questions in rapid succession, but they all became speechless at the priest’s words.

“No, that was probably the Goddess’ Hammer. I witnessed it with my own eyes.”

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